Wine clubs’ exquisite nature often brings out the wine enthusiasts looking for different flavors of wine and new experiences all around. Online wine club services are convenient and cost-efficient. Joining a wine club is wonderful for those who like to get various types of wines easily and conveniently, and a monthly wine club subscription is all you need!

A 3-month wine club subscription can also be a wonderful option for a wine club gift for someone you love and wish to indulge with a cool wine world gift.

Here at the Wine Club Reviews, our experts have tested out various three-month subscriptions to popular wine clubs. Which subscription service is the best for you is ranked based on several factors, such as affordability, taste, offers, etc. Each wine club offers you a service in which you get wine at certain intervals (depending on the wine club you join) and is often done online. Premium wines, local wines, and reds/whites are offered for you wine lovers with these clubs.

So, for today, we are looking into a few unique wine clubs that offer three-month subscriptions. Each club has its own unique spin on how to handle our beloved wine, so buckle up and get ready!


1. gives its angels (their term for customers) high-quality yet relatively cheap wines through a subscription service. The main advantage is the selection of affordable great wines and the ability for you to rate wines you try from the winemakers. Your tasting notes could make future wines here better.

Several wine options are available to the angels, including a great selection of white wine. even allows you to cancel your account and get some money back if applicable. Payments are pre-ordered.

2. Bright Cellars

If you’re looking for both domestic and international wines, Bright Cellars is the monthly wine club subscription service for you. The MIT founders involved with Bright Cellars utilize a special algorithm to pair customers up with wines that align with their tastes.

Personalization is a huge focus here and Bright Cellars Wine also offers replacements if you are unsatisfied. Canceling with Bright Cellars is a little more difficult than usual, as you have to call or email the company as opposed to using the website.

Bright Cellars Wine

3. Firstleaf

Firstleaf is another affordable wine club service that offers award-winning wines without middlemen, allowing you to get sizable savings. How sizable? 40~60% off the usual retail prices other retailers offer.

Firstleaf is the website Penrose Hill uses to sell its fine bottles of wine. Not only that, but Firstleaf also allows you to choose if you want deliveries every month, two months, or three months (quarterly). If you cancel your subscription, you won’t be charged with future orders.

Firstleaf Wine selection


Winc Wine Club offers a monthly subscription which in itself offers over 100 hand-picked local wines. Red wine and white wine are both included, while also allowing you to choose just to have white wines delivered if you prefer just white wine, and vice versa with the reds.

If you wish to cancel your membership, keep in mind that Winc also offers an unlimited skip-a-month feature in case you need to skip some months for various reasons.

Winc wine club

California Wine Club Subscription
the best

5. California Wine Club

California Wine Club is, unsurprisingly, a wine club that offers Californian wine in all its glory. all of their wine selection is out of boutique premium wineries, mainly from California.

There is a white wine only or a red wine only subscription, should you opt for that, as well as international wines. The wine subscription box you get from California Wine Club is personalized for your convenience and personal taste. There are even VIP tours for a tasting room to taste the California wine. Should you cancel your California Wine Club subscription, there are no hidden fees or charges in doing so.

California Wine Club box

What’s the difference between a monthly vs Quarterly subscription?

There are a few advantages for each payment option. Quarterly options are often cheaper than three payments of the Monthly option. Likewise, if you just need one month of a wine club subscription, the Monthly option is cheaper than the Quarterly option, especially if you don’t need that much wine. There are sometimes special promotions offered with each plan, but that depends on the club you sign up.

Should You Commit to a Three-Month Subscription?

First off, we should ask you: are you ready to commit to a three-month wine subscription? Long-term commitments may not be for you. You should try a free trial first to test out the wine and the services offered by the wine club you’re eyeing. If you like it a lot, then a long-term wine club subscription is a great idea.

Keep in mind holidays can also interfere with deliveries, even if the wine compliments Christmas nicely. Any other major events around you can also interrupt your enjoyment of wine clubs, but that’s only a minor nuisance to your wine enjoyment. Thankfully, some of these options offer just monthly options, so you can be a part of the month club and still enjoy wine all the same.

How to Choose the Best Wine Club For Your Needs?

There are different needs for different people. Naked Wines and Firstleaf are affordable wine clubs to join, with Naked Wines allowing you to rate wines (thus improving future batches) while catering to you, and Firstleaf offers award-winning wines if that’s more of your taste. Some clubs even focus more on white wine deliveries, like California Wine Club (also great for those who prefer California wine). As far as optimization within personalization goes, Bright Cellars is the best to cater to your wine tastes utilizing their top tier algorithm. Finally, Winc is a great option that offers dozens upon dozens of different wines while also offering good discounts.

Our Reviews

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Wine clubs are an excellent investment for both time and money if you love wine. You really can’t go wrong with any of these options, and we at Wine Club Reviews have thoroughly enjoyed them all.


All of these three-month wine club subscription services work similar to Blue Apron, delivering various wines to your home at various prices. All of these three-month wine deliveries can have alternative deliveries, whether it’s Winc’s skip-a-month feature if you don’t need delivery for a month or wanting to be delivered wine every month, two months, or three months like the service offered by Firstleaf.

Keep in mind that all of these wine clubs are excellent and worth the investment. We don’t list them if their service was subpar or sufficiently lacking in a critical category.