• Post published:March 26, 2020

Right now, the world is in chaos as it deals with the global coronavirus epidemic. It is something that is affecting every town in every state in America.

The coronavirus might not yet be prevalent in your area. Still, one thing remains clear; the best way to keep away from contamination is by avoiding leaving your home for non-essential reasons. 

During an unprecedented event such as covid-19 situation, it can be difficult to be able to buy wine through normal retail channels. You might not want to leave the house due to the risk of infection, and you certainly don’t want to be touching public doors and surfaces, or you might find that the crisis has resulted in your nearest wine shop closing. 

We are here to say that many wine club companies provide an easy and convenient way of ensuring a regular supply of wine. 

Today we are going to look at the best wine club and wine delivery services to order when you are stuck at home because of coronavirus. 

1. Firstleaf – Best wine club during quarantine 

Firstleaf is all about providing an enjoyable wine club experience by allowing customers to try a range of local and international wines at pleasingly affordable prices. The Firstleaf company cuts out the middleman by avoiding importers, distributors, and retailers and works directly with the wineries and winemakers themselves. This process results in incredible savings which they then pass on to their wine club members. 

The Firstleaf wine club involves two stages. The introductory shipment is a six-bottle wine box that you can taste and rate, which results in a more personalized tasting profile. The subsequent club shipments are regular six-bottle deliveries that you can opt to receive monthly or every second or third month. You are allowed to edit your selection and pause or cancel your account at any time. 

Firstleaf Wine selection

2. Bright Cellars – reliable wine club service when on the shelter at home order

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that has been around for five years. Bright Cellars is very proud of its unique personalization. Their two MIT grad founders designed this one of a kind pairing algorithm which results in you receiving wines that are matched specifically to your palate. Bright Cellars has an impressive wine list that includes a diverse range of premium wines from local and international wineries. 

The Bright Cellars wine club  is passionate about helping their customers explore the exciting world of wine in a stress-free and enjoyable way. Their subscription is straightforward in that you will receive a delivery of four quality wines every month. You can opt for an all-white, all-red or a mixed delivery. You also have the flexibility to skip a delivery whenever needed or cancel your account without penalty. 

Plonk Vs Bright Cellars comparison

3. Winc – a wine box for a long stay at home

If you are a lover of California wines and appreciate quality wines at affordable prices, then you are going to love the Winc wine club. Winc specializes in wines from the California wine region and their sommelier Brian Smith has personally curated over 100 premium wines for the Winc Wine Club. Winc also has a pleasing selection of international wines when you feel like venturing further afield with your tasting. 

The Winc wine club is a subscription-based service that delivers four full-sized bottles of wines every month. You can choose to rate your wines so that your ‘Palate Profile’ is updated, resulting in better-matched wines in future deliveries. You can also opt for red, white or mixed deliveries. You can skip any delivery when required and cancel your subscription without penalty. 

Winc wine club

4. Martha Wine Co.- a wine club to try when on stay-at-home because of coronavirus

The Martha Wine Co. is the wine club created by Martha Stewart. Martha Stewart, the domestic goddess of America, handpicks all wines included on this wine club’s wine list. As a wine club member, you will also receive Marth’s very own tasting, pairing and entertaining suggestions adding to the overall club experience.

This club is available on a subscription basis whereby you receive six bottles every six weeks or twelve bottles every eight weeks. 

You can opt for a red, white or mixed delivery. With the Martha Wine Co, you have the option of not subscribing to regular deliveries and instead, shopping the selection online. The wines that are available from the Martha Wine Co. are premium wines that have been sourced from wine regions from America and all over the world. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time without penalty. Martha Wine Co. also offers a taste guarantee in that if you are unhappy with any wines, the company will replace them at no extra charge. 

Martha Stewart wine club

5. Naked Wines – many wine delivery options for a long stay at home 

Naked Wines is home to a unique online wine store where you can purchase cases or bottles of wine. The concept relies on customers who are called angels, who rate and fund winemakers upfront with a $40 monthly payment called an angel deal. Alternatively, you can purchase different wines from their online store. We love the Naked Wines concept as it allows talented winemakers to focus on creating boutique wines, many of which are only available to the Naked Wines customers. 

As an Angel, you get up to 50% off every time you buy any wine, two free wines with every box ordered and access to exclusive angel wines and tasting events. As Naked Wines works directly with the winemakers, they can offer their wines to their customers at substantially reduced prices. They work with winemakers all over the world, and their wine list is extensive and affordably priced. 

NakedWines wine club review

How to choose the best wine box service when staying at home because of covid-19?

There is a multitude of wine clubs and wine delivery services available in America. Because of this, it can be hard knowing where to start if you are sheltering at home because of the covid-19 virus. Following are a few key steps we recommend taking before deciding which wine club or wine delivery service you would like to try:

  • Head to the Wine Club Review and look at our company profiles, ‘best for’ lists, company comparisons and more. We have done all the hard work for you, and you will find enough information on the various companies to make your decision easier. 
  • Price – if budget is an issue, then we suggest looking at how much you will be paying per bottle of wine. You will know what you can afford and what you want to spend, and it is a great place to start if your budget is a priority. 
  • Location – you might prefer wines from the California wine region, or you might like to travel the world when you enjoy a glass of wine. Different companies focus on different areas, while others are less specific. Check out from where the wine clubs source their wines and take it from there. 
  • Regularly of delivery. You might like to enjoy a bottle of wine occasionally, or you might prefer always to have wine in the house. If you would like a more regular delivery, make sure that the wine club companies you are looking at deliver as regularly as you prefer.  
  • Other – obviously there are many other things to consider. Does the club have a personalization process, can you opt for red, white or mixed deliveries, are tasting notes provided, can you pause or cancel your subscription at any time? We recommend making a list of what your priorities are and then checking our company reviews and comparisons to see which wine club or wine club delivery service might best suit your needs. 

 In conclusion

During this extraordinary world-wide covid-19 crisis, we recommend avoiding leaving the house as much as possible and staying relaxed, calm and reducing your stress!  By using a wine club or wine delivery service, you will be receiving a range of wines without having to leave your front door. You will also be getting rid of any additional anxieties about running out of wine during this coronavirus pandemic.