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Firstleaf is an affordably-priced, fully personalized wine club with a large portfolio of award-winning wines, both international and domestic. The club cuts out the middlemen (importers, distributors, and retailers), and shares the savings with you, so you can enjoy amazing wines at much lower prices.

  • Affordable
  • Large Selection
  • Tasty
  • Great Customer Supoprt

What is Firstleaf wine club?

Firstleaf wine club is all about making wine buying easy. This affordably priced club offers a personalized experience of award-winning wines from the local USA and global wineries.

With Firstleaf you can try wines from Napa, Sonoma and Washington and places as far afield as Argentina and France. Firstleaf offers amazing wines at around 40%-60% off normal retail prices. This is achieved by partnering directly with wineries and winemakers to cut out all the costly middlemen (importers, distributors, and retailers), and they are then able to share the savings with you.

The FirstLeaf Wine Club:

The club includes two different steps:

  • Introductory Shipment – The introductory shipment includes a 3 bottle box, personally picked for you after you answer a few simple questions which then allows them to personalize your wine selection. This initial shipment is designed to establish your taste profile based on how you rate the wines that you receive. The club also offers the choices of special changing introductory box options like the Award-winning wine box, the Founder’s favorite and Big Reds.
  • Club Shipments – Every club shipment is made up of 6 bottles that have been personally matched to your tastes. If you don’t like a bottle that is in your box you can opt to change this before the box is shipped. The first club shipment will arrive a month after the introductory shipment. You can then stipulate your preferred delivery frequency whether it be every month, every two months or every three months.

Who is it for?

The Firstleaf wine club is best for people who appreciate drinking wine but who prefer an accessible and affordable wine experience. The Firstleaf wine club is great for domestic and international wine lovers alike.

Main Benefits:

  • Award-winning wines at affordable prices
  • Very attractive introductory shipment
  • A service that is personalized to your wine preferences
  • Flexibility – shipment every 1,2 or 3 months, based on your preference

The Firstleaf personalized process

Based on a few simple questions, the Firstleaf team of experts will send you an introductory order of 3 bottles. After tasting them and giving your feedback, they will then begin selecting your next shipment. The process of rating all the wines you enjoy from the club ensures that each box you receive gets better and better in terms of being matched to your personal tastes!

firstleaf quiz
Firstleaf Personalisation Quiz

The website and ordering process:

The Firstleaf website is very well organized and easy to navigate. The subscription and ordering process is also super easy to follow. The website allows you to explore the wine selection through their store link at the upper left toolbar. This includes such information as full retail price, country of origin, pairing tips and more.  You can also find many details about the club’s concept and their team. 

To make an order, you start by answering 3 simple questions, in order to personalize your introductory box. Next, you will create an account and view your wine selection recommendation; you can opt to change your initial selection to a specially curated introductory box that can include an award-winning wines selection or a founder’s favorite selection. After this you simply follow the checkout process. The Firstleaf orders usually ship within 2-5 days to the location of your choice. We recommend having your box sent to a business or a verified UPS access point if you are rarely home during the day, since any wine delivery legally requires someone 21+ to sign for the delivery.

Firstleaf Wine selection
Firstleaf Wine selection

The wines:

When looking at the Firstleaf wine selection, you can clearly see that their expert wine team is always looking for the next up-and-coming wine trends, including wines that have won awards at the various important competitions within the wine world. Since Firstleaf has direct relationships with the wineries, the prices you get are incredibly attractive and are usually priced 30%-60% lower than standard retail prices!

The Club selections constantly change, but here are few award-winning favorites that have been featured in the club so far –

Hawthorne Grove Winery – won numerous silver medals, five gold medals, one double gold medal, and was voted 2016 Monterey County Winery of the Year.

Avistelle Pinot Gris – this white wine was awarded 91 points and a gold medal at the 2017 Critic’s Challenge, and it is one of Firstleaf’s all-time member favorites.

Paso Del Tiempo –  a truly stand out wine, that won the double Gold at the 2016 Harvest Challenge, and was also awarded the competition’s two highest honors: Best of Class and Best Red.

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a wine club that will allow you to enjoy amazing wines at an accessible price, Firstleaf is a great choice. The Firstleaf wine club offers an impressive selection of great, and in many instances, award-winning wines, sourced both internationally and domestically. Since the club has partnered directly with the wineries and winemakers, they cut out the expensive middlemen and are able to offer you substantial savings. We enjoyed the wines we tasted from the Firstleaf selection, and we recommend giving Firstleaf a try!

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