Wine clubs have been around for a long time. Why is that? One of the best features of participating in wine subscription boxes is that you gain the opportunity to experience wine tasting from an endless variety of hidden gems from different wine regions. This helps wine drinkers to broaden your wine horizon without even having to leave the comfort of your home!

There are so many wine club services available now, with a monthly shipment or quarterly shipment, that trying to find the right one for you may be challenging. First Leaf, Martha Stewarts Wine co., Winc, Bright cellars wine club, or Plonk wine club are Just a few.

This is where The Wine Club Reviews comes in to save the day. We do all the investigation so that you don’t have to. We analyze the details of different wine club offers to provide you with an in-depth look and help you make the right choice for you. 

Today, we are looking at Firstleaf and Martha Stewart wine club to help you choose which you should consider purchasing from.

Firstleaf is an incredible wine club that’s well-known for offering a personalized wine experience at an affordable price. You gain the opportunity to taste world-class and award-winning wines made in small batches in global and local wineries.

In contrast, the Martha Stewart wine club is built on providing members with the best wines specially curated by Martha Stewart.

The Clubs and Available Plans: 

Here are the plans that are offered by the Martha Stewart wine subscription service: 

  • Introductory offer: The first delivery made by the Martha Stewart wine club is designed as an introductory selection. This offer includes a range of starter wines. The purpose of this is to get you familiar with Martha Stewart’s cellar and is comprised of white and red bottles of wine.
  • Wine club subscription: This wine club service provides its members with half a case of wine, which is delivered every six weeks, or a full case selection, which is offered every eight weeks. Both of these wine club subscription plans provide you with the choice of three different delivery packages. These are white wines, red wines, or a diverse selection of red and white wines. All of these packages are shipped straight to your door for absolute convenience.

Here are the subscriptions that are available by the Firstleaf wine club: 

  • Initial shipment: The introductory package comprises three different bottles of wine selected from the few basic questions you answer when you inquire about the personalization service. The purpose of this introductory offer is to establish your taste profile. This data is based on the feedback you provide Firstleaf after tasting these wines. Included in this package, Firstleaf allows you to choose a range of introductory box options. These choices include the Big reds box, the Founders’ favorites wine box, and the award-winning wine box.
  • Club Shipments: The club subscription plan is designed with six wine bottles per month that have been specially matched to your individual profile. Firstleaf has made the process incredibly personalized as you can change a bottle of wine that you don’t like before the box is even shipped. You also gain the ability to choose whether you want these shipments to occur every month, every second month, or every third month.

Who is it for?

Firstleaf is an excellent wine club for those who are wanting to experience international wines and local wines. It’s the perfect option for people who wish to broaden their pallets but want to achieve this at an affordable price.

Martha Stewart is a great wine club and is incredibly beneficial for those who want to spice up their dinner parties with delicious wine selections.

Main Benefits:

Firstleaf Wine Club: 

  • The flexibility of choosing when your selection is delivered. (Either everyone, two, or three months)
  • An effective ongoing personalization system.
  • Affordable wines are award-winning and world-class. 
  • A diverse selection of local and international bottles of wine. 
  • Incredible customer service, with a satisfaction guarantee for wines you did not like.

Martha Stewart Wine Club: 

  • Wine selections are specifically curated from Martha Stewart’s unique cellar.
  • You can choose to receive either six or 12 wine bottles (Full-sized bottle).
  • You’re buying a wine that is high-quality for affordable prices.
  • The introductory package provides you with the opportunity of tasting notes from specifically curated wines. 

The personalization process:

Firstleaf Wine Club: 

The personalization process built by Firstleaf requires you to answer very basic questions. These answers help the experts at Firstleaf choose the right wine to include in your specific initial shipment. Your profile is refined after every subsequent delivery made where you provide feedback. Rating the red wine and white wine you receive helps better match your wine preferences so that your future deliveries fit with what you wish to receive.

Martha Stewart’s Wine Club: 

A special approach is taken to select wine for each plan package, but the wines are not personally matched to your tasting notes and palate. You choose the wine plan you prefer, white wine, red wines, or a mix box plan of white and red wines—the wine team employed by the Martha Stewart wine club service select wines to match each program. Thus, you are provided with new and exciting wines whenever you receive your shipment.

Martha Stewart wine club

The Wines

Firstleaf has specifically designed its wine club service to only provide its members with exceptional wine. That’s why an expert team is hired by Firstleaf to select a diverse selection of international and local wine. This selection includes up and coming stars in the wine industry and classic well-known wines, including California wines. Firstleaf prides itself on working with wineries and providing its members with wine that costs 30 to 60 percent less than retail prices in liquor stores.

Martha Stewart has wine club services that provide its members with a vast range of wines from across the world. The options available in the Martha Stewart wine club range are reds, whites, and rose wines, along with dessert and sparkling wines. The Martha Stewart wine range can be seen as an international collection. It’s equipped with wines from Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Italy, Spain, Australia, the US, and France. With all the options available, you truly get the chance to broaden your wine horizons without even having to use a passport.

Firstleaf logo

Bottom Line:

The Bottom Line – Firstleaf Wine Club Is Our Winner! 

We thoroughly enjoyed our tasting of the wine selection from both Martha Stewart and Firstleaf. However, we have to say that we enjoyed the Firstleaf wine club experience more!

This was primarily due to the quality and price of the wines included in the packages. When joining a wine club and buying wine from Firstleaf, you are assured the best value for money.

In addition to this, we love Firstleaf’s super cool customer personalization process and the fact that this wine club strives to create a unique wine collection by interacting and working alongside independent winemakers and. We were utterly blown away at the quality of wine we were drinking for such an incredible price.

Firstleaf logo

Firstleaf is our Winner!

  • Award-winning wines at affordable price
  • Very attractive Introductory shipment
  • A personalized service that matches wine preference
  • Flexibility - shipment every 1,2 or 3 months, based on your preference