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Bright Cellars
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Bright Cellars is a simple solution to the woes of wine shopping. They offer a simple but effective way to personalize your wine subscription box. You create your first box with just a few questions and after each box you are given a promotion to update how you liked each vintage. 

This will create your own unique flavor profile and over time you should only get the very best wines catered to you. Bright Cellars has brought wine selection into the modern age. Their prices are fair and competitive. The wines they send are some of the best rated and have great reviews. 

Our Bright Cellars Promotion

Bright Cellars is a monthly club that started in 2015,  pairing its members with high-quality wine sourced from a variety of international wine-makers. The founders of Bright Cellars have created a palate test available through their website that helps them to find the perfect monthly wine combinations catered to your personal taste. 

Here at The Wine Club Reviews, we are offering a one-of-a-kind promotion when you buy a monthly subscription through Bright Cellars. Upon subscription, you will be offered a $50 discount on your first wine box, which is more than fifty percent of the initial price! You can sink back onto the couch after a long day, and know you haven’t broken the bank on the quality glass of vino in your hand.

Bright Cellars Free Trial

As a website dedicated to finding the best wine products for our readers, we’re often on the lookout for new coupons, promo codes, and free offers to lighten the strain on your wallet. Sadly there are no free trials of Bright Cellars products available at this time. But, fortunately for you, we are offering our readers their special promo code for a limited time, which you can find above.

Our Experience with Bright Cellars

Here at The Wine Club Reviews, we want to ensure that we only recommend and promote high-quality wine companies with guaranteed good service. We do this not only through tireless research, but we always try the products ourselves! That way we can try our best to ensure that your experience with our recommended sites will be excellent.

To test the quality of the Bright Cellars Wine Box we sampled different wines from the Bright Cellars selection and reviewed our two favorites. First up was the Folk & Fable Red Blend 2016, a very nice blend from California made of sweet spices and berries. We paired Folk & Fable with a platter of good cheese that complimented the wine.

The second was the Jinxed Wine CO. Chardonnay 2016, made by the McNary Vineyard in Washington State. A white chardonnay with a sweet and fruity taste along with a light hint of buttered popcorn, which we paired with creamy pasta. 

We loved both, and from our experience with these two bottles, we believe that Bright Cellars is well worth the monthly subscription price. Their membership is also super easy to manage through the Bright Cellars website, where you can make selections and edit your orders. This is also where you can request to skip a monthly order or cancel your account if necessary.

Main Benefits: 

  • A customized selection from a range of domestic and international suppliers
  • Reasonable price for a monthly subscription
  • Delight guarantee – if a bottle isn’t to your taste, Bright Cellars will help you to find a complimentary replacement bottle sent in your next monthly package 
  • Flexibility – monthly packages can be skipped when required

Bright Cellars Club Offer

Bright Cellars offers its members a monthly package comprised of four bottles that are chosen to match your taste buds, which they select based on a simple and elegantly designed customization test on their website. In 7 questions they will find a set of wine’s that fit your personal preferences. At the end of each month, you will have the chance to give feedback on the Bright Cellars website, which allows the club to finetune your order so each respective wine package will fit your taste as closely as possible.

Bright Cellars are confident they will find quality wines to compliment your palate, and this confidence shines through with their ‘Delight Guarantee’, which promises that if any of their handpicked wines fail to meet your expectations, a replacement bottle will be sent to you in the following month. You can’t ask for better service than that! 

Final Thoughts

Bright Cellars is a wine club that charges a relatively inexpensive monthly fee for a package containing four bottles of excellent vintages. They use a simple and straightforward online test to find the ideal wine to suit your palate. This means that each combination-box is tailored to your personal taste.

This convenient service makes selecting a good bottle of wine easy and pain free. It can be difficult to find a good wine that suits your individual tastes. Bright Cellars streamlined and updated the process of finding good wines catered to you. This is a wine club for the modern age. 

If you love good-quality wine as much as we do and don’t want to waste your time finding in-store products, Bright Cellars is well worth the investment. And with our Bright Cellars promo code, you can try their services for a fraction of the price. So what are you waiting for wine-lovers? Sign up to Bright Cellars today, and get ready to stock your cellar with a selection to die for!

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