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Picture sipping on a glass of red with a holiday meal, or having a drink after a long day at work. Indeed, everything tastes better with wine; in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. Yet, we are too busy to choose the best. We go to supermarkets and opt for a random, mass-produced bottle. Not anymore.

Now, many stores offer you the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home, as well as the highest quality. The California Wine Club is just that, but it is also much more. The reason for founding their company is that they believe the real gems of the trade can’t be found with the big manufacturers. 

They aim to connect their customers with small family wineries they have handpicked. Only from a small winery will you find unique tasting bottles people have invested their hearts into.

Luckily, the California Wine Club also offers the best promo codes for customers. They come together with products of over 200 cellars primarily, but not only, from California.

Our California Wine Club Promotions

You could be apprehensive about joining an online club that asks for your payment information. It’s a reasonable concern. However, the California Wine club promises safety, and their vouchers ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

As you may already know, online shopping comes with various promotions to attract customers. Using the California Wine Club coupons allows you many discounts. You can pay less for orders, membership, and even gifts for your friends.

This company ensures that you may get the best-personalized experience. Their perks and a vast variety of selections together guarantee you will never go to another drink merchant again.

California Wine Club Free Trial

We are sad to say that this company offers no free trial. There are no membership fees though! You simply choose a plan and place your order – they will charge you the price of it. If you decide to have bottles delivered to you in intervals, you pay as you receive. This system is straightforward and trustworthy and hasn’t failed us yet.

Our Experience with California Wine Club

Of course, we had to test the club ourselves so we could provide a review you can trust. Our first impression was of the website. It is beautiful and straightforward in design. Navigation is a piece of cake, and their blog allows you to learn something new and get inspired.

The shipping is quick and free when you order over six bottles at once. Having tasted their products, we are sure you won’t regret the investment.

Additionally, their customer support is fantastic. All the responses came in no time, and in a friendly, kind tone. An extra surprise awaited us after we placed our order. Shortly after, we received a call from the company, as they wanted to check if we understood everything. This was admirable and entirely unexpected.

Main Benefits of Using California Wine Club

The size of their offer and the extra mile they go to please their customers are awe-inspiring. Here, we list some of the benefits that will delight both seasoned wine lovers and newbies. All you need to do to get this, and much more, is to become a member.

VIP tours – a membership grants you a VIP tour of all the small wineries this club features. Besides that, they deliver a personalized travel guide for the best places to visit should you ever want to tour the vineyards in the California wine country.

Customized orders – tastes and needs differ. With this feature, you can adjust your orders to meet your personal desires. You can choose the number of bottles and the vintage you prefer. Also, you can pick the intervals you want them delivered.

Personal consultants – this one is great for newbies. With this perk, you will get a wine consultant who will get familiar with your preferences. Thus, you will get professional recommendations of top choices for your taste.

California Wine Club Offer

As we mentioned, this club features over 200 wineries. You can only imagine the choice of wines that comes with that. Instead of forcing a one size fits all business models, they offer five plans. Pick the most appealing one, and discover California Wine club’s best promotions:

Premier Series is perfect for those who want to explore the depths of California winemaking. Here, you get bottles chosen by the makers that represent them best. Each time, you will get two bottles from a different winery.

Signature Series is what you choose if you are looking for the best of the best. Sometimes, wineries invite the team into their cellar and share the finest of their productions. Thus, you will receive limited-production highest-rated wines every time. 

International Series is your choice if you are already familiar with local gems, and want to explore international. With every delivery, you get two bottles from Spanish, French, German and other countries. According to the company’s convictions, all the international wineries are also small, family-owned and have a long history.

Aged Cabernet Series is ideal for fine-wine lovers. Each delivery includes two elegant aged Cabernets chosen with utmost care. Those who are patient and ready to invest will relish in the ultimate mixture of unique, rich flavors with this plan. 

Pacific Northwest Series promotes the increasingly popular vineyard products of this area. If you’re looking for domestic variety, pick this plan. You will get two bottles from Washington or Oregon-based producers.

Final Thoughts

The choices provided by this club will suit a wide array of people. Their offer aims to appeal to any customer who got bored with their usual choice and looks for novelty. If you want to tickle your taste buds with something completely new, join up.

People with casual interest as well as eternal enthusiasts will find an offer that works for them – just a click away. Be sure not to miss out on this alternative to your local store, for you will definitely not regret once you get a taste of their quality.

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