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Wine clubs offer a fantastic service for wine lovers of all levels, including those who are after a premier wine experience.

If you are a wine connoisseur with a sophisticated taste palate, you will find many luxury wine club options with a wine selection from local and around the globe high-quality wineries.

The beauty of wine clubs is that they are run by seasoned experts who scour the globe looking for the best wines to include on their wine lists.

With many wine clubs, not only will you be tasting award-winning and internationally recognized wines, but you will also have access to premier wines from boutique wineries that would typically not be available in your local wine shop.  

At the Wine Club Reviews, you will find in-depth wine club reviews and comparisons, based on our personal experience of tasting wines from each wine club.


In this review, we are going to be looking at the best premium and gourmet wine clubs that provide an extraordinary wine experience.

California Wine Club Subscription
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1. California Wine Club- Premium Wine Club at its Best

The California wine club has the mission of connecting members with the best artisan wineries in California wine regions, and also from the world. You will find premier high-quality wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma County, Orange County, Santa Barbara County, and places as further afield as Spain, France, and Australia.

All the wines in this wine subscription service are hand-selected by wine experts.

The California wine club stands out for the fantastic variety of levels it offers its members. The Premier series and Signature series, and Aged Cabernet Series is just an example of three of their plans that provide a premier unique wine club experience.  

California Wine Club Main Benefits:

  • High-Quality Premier wine club plans available
  • Option to choose red, white or a mixed wine box
  • VIP Tours at featured artisan Californian wineries for club members.
  • Only $1 shipping for all reorders of your favorite wines.
California Wine Club Red Wine

2. Naked Wines – Luxury Wine Box Options is of a kind online wine store that also offers a great wine club deal. It has a unique business strategy that is based on customers who rate and fund winemakers up-front.

Naked Wines collaborates with many small winemakers while taking care of all the business’s sales, marketing, and other operational costs. This model allows winemakers to focus on producing quality wines at an attractive price.

As part of this wine club extensive wine club offering, you can choose many premium class wines and wine cases.

Some examples of premium wine boxes we can name are the Everyday Luxury Case, the ‘Taste the best of Napa’ or the ‘Passport to France’.

You can also buy wine bottles from the Naked Wines online wine store. The Store includes many premium class wines like Ken Deis Reserve Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, or Scott Peterson S.P. Drummer Oakville Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2018.

Naked Wines Main Benefits:

  • Every wine is hand-made by a real boutique winemaker.
  • Great wine club angels prices – 40-60% off.
  • As a club member, you get 100% refund guarantee on bottles you did not enjoy.
  • Invest $40 a month into your Naked piggy bank, which you can use to receive exclusive Angel-funded wines.
  • No commitment – leave at any time or order on a one-time basis.
  • Holiday gift cards and vouchers available.

NakedWines wine club review

3. Bright Cellars Premium Wine Subscription  

The Bright Cellars wine club includes an impressive list of domestic and international wines. They aim to help their members expand their wine horizons by using a unique pairing algorithm developed by the MIT graduate founders, which ensures premier wines matched to your palate.

Bright Cellars main benefits:

  • An incredible selection of premier wines matched to your palate
  • An impressive ‘Delight Guarantee’ meaning that if you are dissatisfied with any wine, Bright Cellars will find a replacement and include in your next delivery
  • Attractive pricing for premier wines
  • Flexible membership
  • The club offers a personalized wine experience which allows the club to match wines to your palate.
  • Great customer service – Delight guarantee, with free replacement for wines you didn’t like.
  • A reward points system for loyal customers.

Plonk Vs Bright Cellars comparison

4. Cellars 90+ Points High-Quality Wine Club

If you are a just regular wine lover – but you live it – This premium wine club could work out for you. The Cellars 90+ Point Wine club is a pure luxury wine club. With wines appointed by wine officials as the best of the best, this wine subscription service will not disappoint you. 

The wine in the shipment has been deemed “outstanding” and “superior” (wines rated 90-94 points) by Wine Spectator. Also included in this club are wines that are benchmark examples or “classic” (wines rated 95-100 points). In both ratings, it’s obvious that each bottle of wine in this wine club is of superior character and style.

you may taste in this club include complex Pinot Noir, deep and voluptuous Cabernet Sauvignon, and Zinfandel that is divine. 

cellars wine club wines selection

5. Gold Medal – Best Premium Wine Club

The Gold Medal Wine Club was established over 25 years ago, making it one of the first wine clubs in the industry and one of the most experienced.

It delivers the best wines from California and around the globe to its club members. 

The club has six different plans, and within these six plans, you will find two dedicated wine clubs for connoisseurs:

  • Platinum Wine Club which features rare and collectible wines from California’s top winemakers. All the wins in this club are highly rated with 90+ points. Wine in this plan can also include pre-releases or exclusive selections that are only available to club members. 
  • Diamond Wine Club. As the name suggests, this wine club offers you the ultimate in wines that have been rated at least 93+. The Diamond Wine Club is limited to 500 members. With each quarterly shipment, you will receive two bottles of luxury, premium wines for your ultimate premium wine tasting experience.  

The Gold Medal Wine Club sources its wines from boutique wineries that work with small batch production techniques. The prices vary, but wines are available at substantial savings to normal retail channels. 

It is important to note that many premium wines simply would not be available outside of the Gold Medal Wine Club.

gold medal box review

6. Plonk Premium Wine Experience

Plonk wine club specializes in bringing a wide range of artisanal, organic, and sustainably grown, naturally produced boutique wines worldwide.

The Plonk team is very deeply committed to featuring adventurous wines made from attractive and usually yet discovered types of grapes that are produced in very small batches in boutique vineyards. Our Plonk tasting experience was nothing less than superb!

We honestly felt that every wine we tasted was unique and with amazing taste.

Plonk Main Benefits:

  • Organic, sustainably grown, and biodynamic wines
  • FREE SHIPPING for most payment plans
  • Flexible subscription – Select 4 or 12 bottles per month
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Expert tasting notes and recipe pairings from renowned culinary website Food52
Plonk Wine

Bottom Line

Wine clubs are a fabulous way of experiencing a range of premium high-quality wines that have been hand-picked by experts.

Most of these wines are often almost impossible to find in a regular retail wine shop. 

Wine clubs generally are the most cost-effective way to enjoy luxury wines on an ongoing basis.