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Gold Medal Wine Club Review 2023

Gold medal wine club

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Quick Gold Medal Wine Club Review 2023

The Gold Medal Wine Club is here to introduce you to the best California wines!

The club offers many subscription options that differ in taste, style and price. One thing is common to all options – the wines are amazing! All wines are award-winning and highly rated, and all come from boutique family-owned wineries.

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Wine Selection

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Customer Support


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FREE Bottle In 1st Shipment of 4+ Months Subscription! Use Code: MKRBONUSWINE

We’ve Reviewed many wine membership clubs, and the Gold Medal wine club is one of them. Read to learn about the local and international wines it offers, the plans, gift set options, and promo codes.

Introduction to Gold Medal Wine Club:

The Gold Medal Wine Club is one of the oldest in the wine club industry and has over 25 years of experience delivering only the best California wines.

The club specializes explicitly in award-winning and highly rated wines. All of the wines featured in their six different clubs have won top medals from major wine competitions or are highly rated by national wine publications.

Moreover, all the wines are part of small production batches from family-owned wineries, and they are typically not available in regular wine stores.

Who is it for?

The Gold Medal Wine Club is an excellent match for people who love discovering new wines and boutique wineries and have a specific preference for wines from California.

The club offers only award-winning and highly rated wines at attractive prices. Prices vary, depending on the club you choose, but can be available at up to 40% OFF Winery Direct Prices!

The different club plans available:

  1. Gold wine club – includes two bottles of California’s best wines, all from small-production, family-owned wineries. Each month, you are guaranteed to receive two hard-to-find and awarded wines from Californian boutique wineries. This club is the most popular of the six Gold Medal Wine Club options!
  2. Platinum wine club is the upper-level wine club. Features rare and collectible wines from California’s top winemakers. All wines are highly scored with 90+ ratings and can include pre-releases or exclusives. This club is pricier than other levels but gives members the chance to taste true gems!
  3. International wine club – even though the Gold Medal Wine Club is focused on California wines, they offer this exclusive international wine club, which offers to take you on an incredible tasting voyage around the globe. The international club offers three bottles per shipment and is focused on bringing you hard-to-find, imported premium wines from hidden wine estates in Italy, Spain, France, Chile, and more.
  4. Garagiste wine club – if you wish to explore under-the-radar wines from independent winemakers, then this club is just what you need! Garagiste is a French phrase that describes independent winemakers who handcraft small batches of wine on their own, and that is just what you will receive! Two bottles of delicious, unique, authentic wine gems have been crafted in small batches by independent winemakers. These are wines that would be almost impossible to find anywhere else.
  5. Pinot noir wine club – if pinot is your passion; this wine club option is a no-brainer! This pinot exclusive wine club brings you two bottles of wine that include only the world’s best and most highly rated pinots, all from wineries focused on boutique operations.
  6. Diamond wine club – this wine club, as its name suggests, offers you the best of the best wines – 93+ rated. The club is limited to 500 wine club members, and with each quarterly shipment, you are promised to receive two bottles of luxury premium wines for the ultimate wine tasting experience. This club is super expensive, but if you are a true wine fanatic, you will love and appreciate what you get to taste with this club.
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Membership Benefits – What Does Membership Get Me?

  • Award-winning and highly rated wines only.
  • Wines from boutique California wineries, all from small-production, family-owned wineries
  • A large variety of club selections that fit every taste and budget
  • Membership Rewards Program, with up to 40% OFF Winery Direct Prices
  • Enhanced wine tasting experience with a full-color publication that arrives with every shipment, including some food pairing recipes.
  • No obligations or monthly dues.
  • Wine gift sets are available.

Gold Medal Wine Club Membership Length

The Gold Medal Wine Club features a unique membership length. Unlike other wine clubs, there is not a minimum number of months you sign up for when selecting a membership. You can cancel the membership at any time with ease.

There are two ways to control your membership; you can decide to keep receiving wines until you cancel the membership. Alternatively, you can decide on the total amount of wine shipments you’d like to receive when you sign up.

Main Benefits:

  • Award-winning and highly rated wines only
  • Best California wines, all from small-production, family-owned wineries
  • A large variety of club selections that fit every taste and budget
  • Membership Rewards Program, with up to 40% OFF Winery Direct Prices
  • Enhanced wine tasting experience with a full-color publication that arrives with every shipment
  • No obligations or monthly dues

The Website and Ordering Process

The Gold Medal wine club website is simple and very easy to navigate. The website offers you the option to join the wine club as part of a subscription plan or just as a one-off purchase.

For each wine club option, you can choose the number of shipments you would like to receive or if you would like an ongoing subscription.

Alternatively, you can buy delivery of hard-to-find wines as a one-time purchase through their online store, and you can also send your loved ones a wine box as a special gift.

gold medal wine ordering process
Gold Medal wine ordering process

Once you have added your wish list to the cart, you can check out. The wine box will arrive at your home based on the date you specified during the order process.

gold medal platinum wine club

The Award-Winning Wines

Every wine that the Gold Medal Wine Club features must meet strict selection criteria. These criteria include being the recipient of multiple medals from major wine competitions and high ratings from national wine publications such as Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Wine & Spirits, and Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate.

Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate is perhaps the most significant influence on wine-consuming habits and trends worldwide, with over 50,000 subscribers in the US alone and readers in over 37 countries around the globe!

Every wine that the Gold Medal Wine Club features must have a minimum score of 88+ Points. That means you know you’re getting some exceptional wines to taste regularly.

This applies to all clubs except the Garagiste wine club, as most winemakers in this category choose not to have their wines rated. The Gold Medal wine club experts consider these wines to be in the 90+ point category.

About Our Experience With The Wines

Our experience with the wines from Gold Medal Wine Club was overall positive. Our experience with the wines from Gold Medal Wine Club was overall positive. The wines we received were high-quality. The vetting process includes whether the wine has won multiple awards.

These awards must come from top wine competitions in which the wines are required to have a rating of 88+. Each wine available wine club meets these qualifications except for the Garagiste Wine Club, which is considered to only feature wines with a 90+ rating.

We at the Wine Club Reviews take our job of reviewing wine clubs very seriously!

We order and taste wines from every wine club we review, which goes for Gold Medal Wine Club as well. We tried three of their six club offers, and we can honestly say we loved each of them!

The gold wine club included two great wines: The Saints 2014 Pinot Noir, a blend from the Santa Barbara County winery, and a 2014 Chardonnay from the Dierberg vineyard that had some lovely and fresh citrusy tastes, a 93-point wine and was very light and fun to drink!

We also loved the international wine club combo case we received, which included three lovely wines from France plus a gourmet adventure package full of global goods!

How Is Gold Medal Wine Club Differences From The Competitors?

Gold Medal Wine Club prioritizes top-rated wines that have won awards over other lesser-known wines. Most of the wines are curated in California, with an occasional selection made internationally.

Customers select their wines when purchasing the membership, so there is more control over what you receive. Many other wine clubs produce shipments of wine for you based on a quiz taken at check out. Gold Medal Wine Club does not provide a quiz at check out.

Gold Medal Wine Club Delivery Packaging

Gold Medal Wine Club provides impressive packaging with each delivery. The packaging is designed by artisans, providing a unique experience for wine lovers. Upon receiving each shipment, you’ll receive a newsletter that offers insight into the wines received, top tips on enjoying the wine you’ve received, and information on the history of each type of wine.

Each newsletter also includes wine pairings, flavor notes, and additional tidbits that will guide you in tasting the wine you receive. In addition, Gold Medal Wine Club gift boxes also arrive in artisan-commissioned boxes with a newsletter.

gold medal international wine

The bottom line of our Gold Medal wine club review:

We loved the experience we had with the Gold Medal Wine Club. The club is focused on bringing true wine gems to the table. All their wines are award-winning and highly rated wines from boutique vineyards in California wine country, but they also offer an excellent international wine club.

The company boasts six great and exclusive wine of the month clubs, starting from relatively affordable wines to luxurious and expensive options. With the Gold Medal Wine Club, every wine lover can find something to please.

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FREE Bottle In 1st Shipment of 4+ Months Subscription! Use Code: MKRBONUSWINE

frequently asked questions

You can send loved ones Gold Medal Wine Club Gifts. When selecting the gift package or combo cases for your intended recipient, you’ll find an array of wine packages to choose from, with the option to include accessories and food items.

Along with selecting a gift, you can choose whether you would like a virtual or physical card included with the wine shipment. Many gift options allow you to choose the best fit for your intended recipient.

See more wine gifts options here

It is unclear whether you can skip a monthly shipment. However, Gold Medal Wine Club does allow you to delay shipments until a future date.

Gold Medal Wine Club features a convenient cancellation policy that allows you to cancel anytime. Since there is no minimum commitment, you can cancel after your first box if you do not enjoy the wine offerings. There is no penalty for canceling your wine club shipments at any time.

If you want to cancel your next shipments, you can call the customer service team or send them an email to discontinue the services. The customer support team will enquire about why you’re canceling the membership and if there is any way to keep you as a customer (fewer deliveries, receiving different wines, etc.).

Yes, anyone can shop at the Gold Medal Wine Store. You will need to be over 21 to purchase the wine, and a signature from someone over 21 is required for delivery.

Beyond that restriction, anyone can purchase wine directly from the Wine Club Store.

One of the benefits of ordering from the Gold Medal Wine Store is that each wine offered is discounted from its retail price. Plus, the higher quantity you purchase, the higher the discount you receive.

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About this Wine Club Review

We love wine in general and the comfort of using a wine club service. That is why we have been reviewing wine clubs for years – starting in 2018. 

Since then, we have received hundreds of separate shipments from the different wine clubs in the market, each with a few bottles of wine to test.

We are still, as in the past, actively reviewing each wine subscription, so this review is updated all the time. Like all other reviews we conduct, this review incorporates our hands-on experiences over the years. The review covers all aspects of many of the services, not just the wines – Are the wine shipments personalized or not? What are the wine sources and special features? How often would you get a shipment? Is the size and timing of each shipment flexible? How easy is it to use the service or make changes? Do you get a satisfaction guarantee for wines you didn’t enjoy? Do they offer giftings? And more. You can see our full review methods 

We hope our honest and detailed review will make it easier for you to understand each service better and make an intelligent, educated choice!

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