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Red Wine Clubs in the US | Review** Best Rated Red Wines

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Wine Clubs offer a way of extending your tasting horizons while not having to leave the comfort of your own home.  The services provided by wine clubs are becoming increasingly popular, and as there are now so many wine clubs out there, all providing very different services, it can take a lot of work to know which club best suits your needs. 

In this review, we are looking at the Best Wine Clubs for red wine lovers. So, if you are a Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, or Malbec fan, you should continue reading!

Best Red Wine Clubs To Check

1. Firstleaf

Best Award-Winning Red Wine club, Delivering Six Wines Per Month

Firstleaf wine logo
Firstleaf is an affordably-priced, fully personalized wine club with a large portfolio ...

At Firstleaf, the belief is that the wine-tasting experience should be easy and stress-free!  Their red wine selection includes boutique wines from across the globe

Firstleaf makes every effort to cut out the middleman to provide direct access to wines priced well below average retail prices.

Firstleaf Main Benefits

  • A selection of award-winning international wine options at affordable prices.
  • Very appealing introductory shipment.
  • Shipments personalized to your palate.
  • Tasting notes and food pairing tips on each wine.
  • Option to stipulate your preferred delivery – every month or every second or third month.
  • Their introductory shipment includes a “Big Reds” option.
  • Satisfaction guarantee on wines you didn’t like.
Firstleaf wine club
Firstleaf wine logo
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Monthly Subscription Of Best Red Wine From Independent Wineries

naked wines logo
Naked Wines is a one of a kind online wine store that also offers a tempting monthly su... is a one-of-a-kind online wine store that offers both a subscription and a one-time purchase option. Its concept is unique and is based on over 100,000 customers who are named angels.

These angels rate their wines, and their subscriptions or one-time purchases are used to fund winemakers up-front. This means that the winemakers can focus on curating outstanding wines that will be available at super-affordable prices.

One of the most attractive things about Naked Wines is that it provides excellent value for your money. As a customer or ‘angel’, you will have access to a fantastic range of quality wines, which includes an impressive selection of red wines, white wine bottles, sparkling wine, and more.

The catalog includes a selection of red wine cases and individual red wines. The cases can vary from specific wine types like Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon to cases for a different event like the ‘Brunch case’, ‘Date Night case’, or ‘Luxury Fine case’. You can also select the cases and single wines according to specific areas or countries, such as California, all-American, southern french wine, and so much more.

2020 Brothers Miller Unoaked Chardonnay, Santa Barbara
naked wines logo
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3. Bright Cellars

Red Wine Selection From Around The World

Bright Cellars
Bright Cellars is a monthly wine club that matches you with four wines that you’ll love...

Technology has helped Bright Cellars create a unique pairing algorithm, meaning that their customers receive wines that have been personally matched to their taste palate.  

This wine subscription-based service offers a vast range of top-quality domestic and international wines in a monthly service format.

Bright Cellars is about helping its members discover the world of wine in a user-friendly and enjoyable format.

Bright Cellars’ Main Benefits

  • Membership includes the flexibility to choose a red-only delivery
  • A global wine selection with wines that are personally matched to your palate
  • Affordable pricing
  • Delight guarantee – if for some reason you are dissatisfied with a wine, Bright Cellars will assist in finding a replacement, free of charge, for your next delivery
  • Flexibility to skip deliveries whenever you desire
bright cellars wine
Bright Cellars
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 4. The California Wine Club

Best Red Wine Clubs For Upscaled Wines

california wine club logo
The California Wine Club is all about  introducing you with small family wineries, main...

The Californian wine club is ideal for lovers of Californian wines. Its mission is to connect its customers with a diverse selection of artisan wineries from California (from the Sonoma coast, California’s central coast, napa valley, and more), along with some fantastic international wineries.  

The California wine club has wide options of wine club plans available. These options provide a plan to suit almost any wine fan’s needs – from the aged cabernet sauvignon series to the pacific northwest series. As a red wine lover, you will find plenty of good options to suit your needs.

Californian Wine Club’s Main Benefits

  • Unique wines from California
  • Personalized wine consultants who are trained to understand your palate
  • All wine reorders come with only a $1 delivery and 50% off winery prices, which means extra savings
  • VIP tours of featured wineries plus a wine country travel guide.
  • You can specify that you only wish to receive delivery of red wines only
  • One of the levels includes an ‘Aged Cabernet Sauvignon’ red wine series
California Wine Club box
california wine club logo
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5. Gold Medal Wine Club

Californian Red Wine Club Options

Gold medal logo
The Gold Medal Wine Club is here to introduce you to the best California wines! The clu...

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, The Gold Medal Wine Club has been around for a long time. It has extensive experience delivering the best wines from all over the world to its customers.

As a Gold Medal monthly wine club customer, you have six plans to choose from – Gold, Platinum, Diamond, International, Garagiste, and Pinot Noir. 

For each delivery and plan, you will always have the option of selecting a delivery that includes red wines only.

Gold Medal Wine Club is focused on ensuring that its list includes only award-winning and quality wines. Their wines have received medals from major wine competitions and/or are consistently highly rated in national wine bodies.

This wine club tends to focus on wines produced in small batches in more boutique operations. As a result, you will receive wines you would not find in your standard retail outlet.

The club’s prices vary from plan to plan, but you can be guaranteed savings of up to 40% off recommended retail wine prices.

Gold Medal Wine Club’s Main Benefits

  • Unique red wine bottles from California.
  • Saving up to 40% off retail wine prices.
  • Variety of six different wine club plans.
gold medal international wine
Gold medal logo
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6. Wine Awesomeness

Fantastic Wines From Around The World, Perfect For Red Wine Lovers

wine awesomeness logo
Wine Awesomeness is a wine club that curates unique wines and delivers them to club mem...

The Wine Awesomeness wine subscription is another affordable option to enjoy red wines. The wine selection is curated to help wine lovers explore exciting worldwide wines at a value-for-money price.

You can choose the number of bottles you get shipped per month – three, six, or twelve, and the price goes down as you order more bottles per shipment.

With each box, you will also get wine-tasting notes and recommended recipes, making the wine-tasting experience even better.

Wine Awesomeness Red Wine Club Main Benefits:

  • Fun red wine bottles from around the world.
  • Option to choose ‘all red’ subscription.
  • All members get 20% OFF every wine offered on the wine list.
  • Easily skip a delivery, swap wines, or cancel at any time.
  • Gift Cards and wine gift baskets are available.
wine awesomeness logo
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7. Winc Best Red Wine Selection

winc wine club logo
Winc is one of a kind personalized wine club, suitable for people who enjoy wine and wh...

Winc is a wine club with a sizeable Californian-based winery selection and an easy-to-use wine club experience.  Winc aims to make the experience of tasting wine enjoyable and accessible for customers, with the best value for money.

With Winc, you will get a personalized monthly delivery of four wine bottles, and you can define your subscription as an “only-reds” one. The Winc wine club has a selection of over one hundred curated wines, with many great options for red wine fans – from light wines like Pinot or red blends to complex and dark reds like Syrah or Merlot.

Winc’s Main Benefits

  • Option to select red-only wine deliveries.
  • Affordable club.
  • Impressive selection of specially curated wines.
  • Personalized wine shipment – define your taste palate and rate wines to receive well-matched wines in your deliveries.
  • 10% discount on all orders of 12 bottles or more
  • Many natural wine options with minimal winemaking intervention, biodynamic wines, organic wine bottles, and wines from sustainably raised grapes.
  • Satisfaction guarantee on wines you didn’t like.
Winc wine club
winc wine club logo

8. Martha Stewart & Wine Insiders

Red Wine Selection At an Affordable Price

Wine Insiders is known for its affordable range of wines. It cuts out the middleman to ...

Whether you are a lover of big, bold reds or cheeky pinot noir, you will love the Martha Stewart Wine Club for its impressive selection of red wines. The Martha Stewart wine section sources its wines from respected wineries from around the globe.

Martha Stewart herself personally handpicks all the wines in the Martha Stewart wine section.

The Martha Stewart wine insiders wine store allows you to opt for all-red deliveries in your online store without subscribing. 

Key Benefits of The Martha Stewart Wine Insiders

  • You can opt for all-red deliveries. 
  • Martha Stewart handpicks all wines that feature in the club. 
  • No subscription is needed.
wine insiders wine club
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Benefits of Using a Red Wine Clubs

Wine clubs offer an attractive service that will easily introduce you to a new fantastic world of wine. As a wine enthusiast, there are many benefits to joining a monthly wine club:

  • Wine clubs can open the door to many local and international wines. Red wine clubs usually have extensive wine collections featuring wines you won’t be able to buy at the local wine store – from red blends, Cabernet Franc, bold Cabernet Sauvignon, and more.
  • With wine clubs, wine arrives at your door without needing to go out to the wine store.
  • Wine clubs offer great wines that wine experts and master sommeliers have picked.
  • Wine clubs usually offer great wine bottles at affordable prices. As a member, you will receive wine bottles at substantial discounts.
  • Some red wine subscription services offer personalized wine boxes based on your tasting profile.
  • Wine clubs are easy to use and offer the flexibility to skip delivery or cancel when you want. Moreover, many wine clubs allow editing your wine box selections to best fit your taste.
  • Wine clubs are great for gifting!

Five Top Red Wines Varieties

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir red wines are produced from Pinot Noir grapes. The name of this grape is derived from the French phrase – ‘black pine’ since the grape has clustered pine cone-shaped.

Pinot Noir tends to grow in cooler climates and was mainly associated with the French region of Burgundy, though it is now spread worldwide. It is known for having a light to medium body with sweet fruity tones.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most widely popular red wine worldwide. The cab grape is grown in nearly every central wine region in the world since it can thrive in different climates.

Cabernet Sauvignon is a full-bodied wine with high acidity and tannins. It tends to age very well.


Zinfandel is a black-skinned popular grape in California wine country, typically producing wines with intense flavors of berries and spices like black pepper or cardamom.


Merlot is a dark blue-colored grape. It’s used in one varietal wines and many red blends. The name Merlot comes from the French word ‘blackbird’, probably because of its color. Merlot usually has a soft velvety taste, and it matures relatively quickly.


Malbec is a purple grape that usually produces wines with dark purply colors and robust flavors (similar to Cabernet Sauvignon) with notes of blueberry, plum, cacao, and sometimes vanilla.

If you want to learn more about red wine types, read our complete red wine guide.

Final Notes

If you’re a red wine lover, wine clubs are a fantastic way to enjoy the world of red wines.

As a red wine drinker, you will have access to wines from wineries from all over the world that have been hand-picked for you and are often sourced from boutique wineries that the layman would not have access to. 

Red Wine clubs offer an affordable and enjoyable way to broaden your tasting horizons. So choose the best wine subscription to fit your needs and try it!

Methodology – Why Trust Us?

Our mission at The Wine Club Reviews is to aid you in making informed decisions about various wine subscription services.

We surveyed each service on the marketplace to find the best ones for red wines, white wines, local or worldwide wines, and more. We ensure an honest review based on purchasing and testing each service, providing information on flavor, sustainability, pricing, and more.

Read more about our review process and why you should trust us here.


frequently asked questions

Yes! in fact, there are quite many.

Sparkling red wines can vary in taste, from sweet to dry, and from rose color to dark inky red color. Some sparkling red wines are French Blanc De Noirs Brut, Sparkling Shiraz, and Spanish Lambrusco. Note that to enjoy sparkling red wine, you have to chill it before drinking.

Some types of food can bring out the aromas and flavors of red wine in the best way:

Cheese is an excellent choice to match with red wines, especially strong or heavier taste cheese like blue Rochefort cheese, Camembert, or Brie.

Roast beef or lamb can be an excellent match to bold wines like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec. The bold flavors of roasted meats compliment the complex taste profile of these wine types.

Intense dark chocolate desserts pair well with bold red wines.

Mushrooms have an earthy and woody taste depth that compliments red wines like Pinot Noir.

Pizza is a delightful and fun match to red wine as well! Since Pizza sauce usually contains garlic and tomatoes, it’s best to balance its taste with hearty and acidic red wine like Syrah or Zinfandel.

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