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Wine Insiders Review 2023

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Quick Wine Insiders Review 2023

Wine Insiders is known for its affordable range of wines. It cuts out the middleman to bring delicious wines at affordable prices to its customers and club members.  Wine insiders offer one-time purchase options and wine club options.


Budget-Friendly Wines


Personalized and Flexible

Wine Selection
Wine Selection

High quality Wine Selection

Customer Support
Customer Support


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Out of the many wine clubs we’ve reviewed over the years, Wine Insiders takes a good place for offering regular case shipments of excellent international wines at a low price (especially at the first shipment).

wine insders wine pack


Author Name: Lee Levy

Published Date: February 11, 2023

Appearance Headline: Wine Insiders Review

Appearance Author: Lee Levy

Appearance Published Date: February 11, 2023

Editor's Rating:

Out of the many wine clubs we’ve reviewed over the years, Wine Insiders takes a good place for offering regular case shipments of excellent international wines at a low price (especially at the first shipment).

Read our full review to see our opinion on the wines, customer service, delivery, and more.

What is Wine Insider?

In A nutshell – Affordable Wine Club with Award-Winning Wines

Wine Insiders is a direct-to-consumer online retail wine shop and wine club. Wine Insiders is well-established, having been around since 1982. This wine club is proud to offer exemplary customer service and an extensive wine list with wines from both local and international wine regions.

A team of a few professional wine curators with over 50 years of experience manages the wine list of Wine Insiders. Thousands of wines are tasted every year by this discerning team, but only approximately 3% of those wines are accepted to become part of the Wine Insiders wine box experience. 

Wine Insiders ensures that there are wines to suit every budget, occasion, and palate on their wine list. The club dedicates itself to offering a convenient and straightforward online retail and wine club experience.

Quick Wine Insiders Review 2023 – Main Pros & Cons


  • An extensive selection of premium wines at affordable prices.
  • Amazing Wine Insiders promo code.
  • Selection of local and international wines
  • 12 wine bottles in every shipment, six times a year.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on wines you did not like from your delivery (store credit)
  • Free shipping on all orders of six bottles or more from the online store or wine club orders. 
  • Responsive customer service. 
  • Flexibility to select red wines, white wines or a mixture of both. 
  • Flexibility to skip a shipment, change your wine selection before shipping or cancel membership at any time. 


  • No club-customized shipment based on your taste.
  • Club Shipments are offered only for a full 12-bottle case of wine.
wine insiders wine club
New Year's Sale! Stock Up and Save Up to $60 at Wine Insiders!

Who Is The Wine Insider Wine Club For?

Wine Insiders is suitable for those who appreciate drinking wine. Both seasoned tasters and novices will be happy with the Wine Insiders experience, especially since they offer a large variety of wines in every shipment for an affordable price.

Wine Insiders will be perfect for wine lovers who prefer to spend about $15 per bottle or newbies to the wine world who wish to explore what they like in a risk-free and affordable way.

Wine Insiders Membership Programs & Online Store

Wine Insider offers customers the flexibility to choose if they wish to subscribe to their wine club service of getting 12-bottle delivery every 3 months (plus a bonus case in the winter and a bonus case in the summer), or purchase wine on the online store.

The online store offers an extensive collection of quality wines and wine sets (from 3 to 12 bottles that can fit the needs of different wine lovers; top-favorite wines, pinot noir sets, Chef Ludo’s California wines set, Martha Stewarts’s entertaining must-haves, and many more.

wine insiders online store
wine insiders online store
wine insider online sets
wine insider online sets

The Wine Insiders Ordering Process

Whether you are ordering a Wine Insiders one-time wine box or signing up for the Wine Insiders wine club, you will find that the ordering process is straightforward. The website is easy to navigate, and it takes no time to set up your account. 

If you want to buy a Wine Insiders wine box, you just need to select the wines you wish to include in your delivery and complete your order by advising delivery and payment options. 

If you prefer to receive a continuous 12-bottle delivery, you head to the ‘club’ tab on their website and click ‘join now’. You will then complete the process of setting up your account, selecting your wine preferences, and confirming your delivery details.  

The Wine Insiders ordering process is stress-free, and their fantastic customer service team is always on hand if you need assistance. 

The Wines of Wine Insiders

The team at Wine Insiders wine club is passionate about wine. They state that they taste thousands of wines yearly, and on average, only 3% of wines are good enough to be accepted for their wine list.

As Wine Insiders cut out the middleman and work directly with winemakers and consumers, it gives them the ability to offer their members and customers an impressive range of premium wines at huge savings. 

Their discerning team has worked hard to source wine from over 40 regions worldwide. These regions include California, Washington, Argentina, Italy, France, Spain, and Australia, just to name a few.  Wine Insiders has an incredible selection of red wines, white wines, local wines, and international wines on their wine list.  

Some Of Wine Insiders Wine Brands include Abbazia from Italy, Bruno Lafon from France, Castellani from Italy, Vicente Gandia from Spain, and EthicDrinks – which use sustainable, organic, and biodynamic methods in winemaking.

wine insider wine selection
wine insider pajaro wine
New Year's Sale! Stock Up and Save Up to $60 at Wine Insiders!

Our Wine Tasting Experience With Wine Insiders

Given the fact that Wine Insider offers a singular wine club membership, it was straightforward to sign up and get started. We got our shipment a few days later and could start our review process.

One of the things we love about Wine Insiders is that they tend to work with more boutique operations as opposed to bulk wine producers. This way of working means that many of the wines offered on the Wine Insiders website would be impossible to source via regular retail channels.

Overall we enjoined our drinking experience from Wine Insiders. We can’t say it’s top-tier wines, but it’s without a doubt a very good value labels for a very attractive price. You are guaranteed a great tasting experience as a Wine Insiders customer. 

Wines We Enjoyed From Wine Insider Wine Club Shipment

  • 2015 Secrets de Bordeaux Rouge – This blend of 70% Cabernet Sauvignon and 30% Merlot is well-balanced, offering a smooth and complex red wine from the historic Bordeaux region in France. we enjoyed this red with an assortment of cheeses on a casual friends evening together..
  • 2018 La Petite Bilaude Cabernet Franc – If you haven’t tried Cabernet Franc before, you will most definitely enjoy this bottle of the 100% Cabernet Franc La Petite Blaude. This wine was Made from cabernet Franc grapes from a few vineyards, in order to select the best grapes from each. We loved the result. Great wine with great structure.
  • 2018 Picaro de Chile Sauvignon Blanc – This Sauvignon Blanc is very refreshing, with quite intense citrus flavors and hints of green apple fragrance.

The Wine Insiders Delivery

Your Wine Insiders delivery arrives in a specially designed wine delivery box with individual separator compartments to protect the wine bottles during delivery. From our understanding, all deliveries are done via FedEx.

Please note that you need to have someone aged 21 or more sign for your delivery, or you can opt for pick up at one of the pick-up locations, which is available at over 14,000 locations throughout the USA. 

The Wine Insiders Delivery Area

Wine Insiders currently does not deliver to the following states due to alcohol restrictions:

Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah. 

wine insiders- Italian wines

Sending A Wine Insiders Box As a Gift – Is It Possible?

Yes! Wine insiders offer many award-winning wines wine sets that can be purchased and delivered as a gift. The wine insiders wine store offers gift sets for holidays like valentines day or Christmas, and also celebrity-curated wine sets  (like the Martha Stewart wine collection)

Wine Insiders also offers a gift membership program. In order to do so, you will need to join the Wine Insiders wine club, enter your recipient address as the shipping address, and mark it as a ‘gift shipment’ at the end of this section box.

Wine Insiders Wine Club Customer Service

Wine Insiders is proud of their customer service, and you are guaranteed to get a quick response if you have any queries or issues. You can get in touch via the following ways:

  • Live Chat via their website. Chat to real people available from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6.30 am (EST), excluding holidays. 
  • Email [email protected], and a member of their team will get back to you as soon as possible. 
  • Call Wine Insider phone number (800) 615-7304 from Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm (EST), excluding holidays. 

So How Much Do Wine Insiders Cost?

The Wine Insiders’ cost depends if you go for a wine subscription or one-time online order.

The wine club cost usually comes with a very attractive reduced-price coupon code, plus free gifts like a free corkscrew or extra wine bottles.

The online one-time order price obviously depends on the wines or wine sets you choose to buy, with prices starting at three bottles of wine sets under $50. Shipping costs are around $20 but are free for all orders of six bottles of wine and above.

Wine Insiders Flexibility – Cancel Or Skip Delivery

Wine insiders take pride in offering a relatively flexible service. You may skip a shipment or cancel your wine subscription at any time by contacting Wine Insiders customer support or do so online by logging into your account.

The Difference From Main Competitors


Wine Insiders



What You Get

12 bottles per shipment

6 bottles per shipment

12 bottles per shipment

Customized shipment




Free Cancelation








wine insider red wine
wine insider red wine
wine insider wine
New Year's Sale! Stock Up and Save Up to $60 at Wine Insiders!
wine insider shipping area
wine insider shipping area

Bottom Line Of Our Wine Insiders Overview – Is Wine Insiders A Good Deal?

Our team at the Wine Club Reviews loved the experience with Wine Insiders. Although the club does not offer a personalization process, the excellent wines included in the Wine Insiders wine club shipment did the trick for us – especially considering the very comfortable price.

We also appreciated their satisfaction guarantee and the fact that subscription deliveries include free shipping and some extra gifts. 

We were also impressed with the diversity of their wine store offerings, and we found their website easy and friendly to navigate and order through.  We love how simple Wine Insiders has made ordering wine. For the quality of wines on offer, their prices are excellent.

As a Wine Insiders customer or club member, you will have access to an impressive selection of hard-to-find and award-winning wines from boutique wineries from all over the world.

Wine Insiders also offers wine education through tasting notes and many other cool resources on its website, like food pairing suggestions.

Bottom line, with the low price of the Wine Insiders coupons and no-commitment policy – we highly recommend giving Wine Insiders a try. 

New Year's Sale! Stock Up and Save Up to $60 at Wine Insiders!

frequently asked questions

At the Wine Club Reviews, we are passionate about the world of wine and have years of wine club experience under our belts. Our unique review process involves experiencing first-hand, every element of a wine club experience. We provide honest and relevant feedback on all details of a particular wine club including their selection of wines, ease of account management, the subscription process, customer service, delivery and most importantly, the wine quality. There are a lot of wine clubs out there, and it can be complicated knowing where to start. At the Wine Club Reviews, we have made it easier for people to find all the information they need about the wine club industry in one place. You can look at our company reviews, our comparisons and our ‘Best for..” lists. Everything that we do at the Wine Club Reviews will help you navigate your way through the world of wine clubs so you can decide which club experience is best for you.

There can be a lot of things to consider when selecting a wine club such as Wine Insiders. We recommend looking at a few of the following things to help you decide: Budget – this can be a priority for many people. By working out a per bottle price, including delivery, you will be able to compare wine clubs on a price basis more effectively. Region of origin – some people prefer California wines, while others prefer a more global experience. If you have a definite preference, make sure that your wine club caters to this. Personalization – if you want a personalized experience, you will need to check if that is part of the wine club experience, or that might not be a priority for you. Flexibility – if you are looking at subscribing to a wine club, you will need to check if you can skip deliveries, cancel without penalty etc. There are many things to consider when choosing a wine club like Wine Insiders. At the Wine Club Reviews, we believe that Wine Insiders offers an affordable and straightforward wine club experience with an impressive selection of wines from around the world. Wine Insiders is suitable for those who are new to wine tasting and those with seasoned palates. Their customer service is second to none, and we highly recommend giving them a try.

Wine Insiders offers a range of retail options where you can purchase a Wine Insiders wine box filled with a variety of wines providing different experiences. They also have the Wine Insiders wine club. This subscription service is the simplest way to enjoy a regular supply of wines hand-picked by the Wine Insiders team. There are two steps involved in the Wine Insiders wine club: Introductory case. When you select your first 12-bottle case – red, whites or a mix of both – you will also receive three additional bottles of award-winning wine. This introductory collection is available at 38% off regular retail pricing. You will also receive free postage and handling on this delivery. Ongoing club cases – receive a 12-bottle case of wine every 12 weeks. Opt for your preferred type of delivery in terms of red, white or mixed. All Wine Insider deliveries are satisfaction guaranteed, include free delivery and allow cancellation of your membership at any time.

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About this Wine Club Review

We love wine in general and the comfort of using a wine club service. That is why we have been reviewing wine clubs for years – starting in 2018. 

Since then, we have received hundreds of separate shipments from the different wine clubs in the market, each with a few bottles of wine to test.

We are still, as in the past, actively reviewing each wine subscription, so this review is updated all the time. Like all other reviews we conduct, this review incorporates our hands-on experiences over the years. The review covers all aspects of many of the services, not just the wines – Are the wine shipments personalized or not? What are the wine sources and special features? How often would you get a shipment? Is the size and timing of each shipment flexible? How easy is it to use the service or make changes? Do you get a satisfaction guarantee for wines you didn’t enjoy? Do they offer giftings? And more. You can see our full review methods 

We hope our honest and detailed review will make it easier for you to understand each service better and make an intelligent, educated choice!

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