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Nocking Point Wine Subscription

Price: Monthly club: $49 for 2 bottles
Qurterly club: $99 for 3 bottles + bag of roasted coffee
Shipping: Free
(Updated: March 2020)
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Quick View:

The Nocking Point wine club is all about creative an exclusive wine tasting experience, created by your favorite well-known celebrities

What is Nocking Point wine club?

The club was founded by the co-founders Andrew Harding and the actor Stephen Amell, out of their pure love for wine. This wine club is unique, working with celebrity friends who love wine – People like Jason Momoa, Aisha Tyler, Emily Bett, Zac Levi, Colton Haynes, and many others – in order to create their own exclusive wines and deliver them directly to you. As part of the club, you will also enjoy a great coffee tasting experience – the Nocking Points wine club has  partnered with Walla Walla Roastery to create their own line of micro-roasted coffees.

The Nocking Point wine club shipped to most states. To see their full shipping service click here: https://nockingpointwines.com/shipping/

The club:

The Nocking Point offers two type of wine clubs:

  • Quarterly wine club – 3 Bottles of Exclusive Wines plus a delicious bag of custom roasted coffee will be shipped to you, on the beginning of every season (march, june, september, december). The unique model of nocking points is based on working with Actors, chefs and musicians with a brilliantly artistic side, who love wine -Like Jason Momoa, Aisha Tyler, Emily Bett, Zac Levi, Colton Haynes, and many others – in order to create their exclusive wines and deliver them directly to your home!
  • Monthly wine club – The Nocking Points wine club is created for people who like to celebrate life with extra special wine! The monthly club offers a two bottles box every month, produced and branded by your favorite celebrities and tastemakers and delivered to your home.
Nocking Point Wine

Who is it for?

Nocking Points wine club is designed for people who wish to be introduced to best quality, new, special and exciting wines.

Main Benefits:

  • Unique and interesting amazing wines
  • Getting some celebrity glam!
  • A bonus of great coffee tasting
  • Option to buy more of your favorite wines

The website and ordering process:

The Nocking Point website is full of good taste and is very easy to navigate. The subscribing and ordering process is also very user-friendly and clear to follow. The website allows you to select between the clubs they offer in their homepage or the upper toolbar from any page. You can also explore the wine selection that nocking points has to offer, including full details on each wine.

To make an order, you start by choosing the type of club you like and create an account and checkout. After ordering you will get an email with the order and shipping information and the first shipment usually arrives within days. Be aware that someone 21+ must sign for the order at delivery.

Nocking Point Welcome Email

The wines:

First of all, it is important to note that all of Nocking Point wines are proudly made in the USA! Whether it is from Washington, Oregon or California, the all-star team of winemakers that work with this wine club seems to pour their hearts and souls into producing premium, high quality and super interesting wines exclusively for Nocking Point.

To be honest, everything we tasted from Nocking Point was really very good. Our top picks are:

3rd Date Cabernet by winemaker Sean Boyd. This red 100% cabernet sauvignon was great, smooth and easy to drink. It had some juicy red fruits notes of cherry and strawberry, and was even a little bit sweet, yet dry.It is great whether you’re enjoying it over a casual dinner or an impressive fancy meal.

NP Origins Pinot Noir by Winemaker Sarah Cabot, from Walla Walla vineyard in Oregon bord. This vintage pinot was a true joy, easy to drink. It had some great mix of red fruit flavors along with earthy and even a bit rustic notes.  A classic great pinot for a nice cosy evening with friends at home

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Bottom Line:

We loved the concept of Nocking Point wine club, and most importantly – we enjoyed the wines we got very much! This wine club is all about sending you high quality wines at a reasonable price, and what is extra special about the nocking points wine club is that all the wines are produced and branded by your favorite celebrities and tastemakers! So you are guaranteed to explore new taste with each and every club box you get. We highly recommend giving this wine club a try!