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Wine Clubs offer a myriad of choices when it comes to broadening your wine tasting experience and increasing your wine knowledge. The wine club service also provides a convenient and usually cost-effective way to enjoy a range of wines that would otherwise be difficult to source.

Due to the wine clubs rise in popularity, there are many choices out there and it can be hard to know which one would be the best suited for you. That is why we created the Wine Club Review! We felt it was the time that there was a place you could go to, look at all the wine club companies that are available, assess what they offer and compare their services.  The team at the Wine Club Review have years of experience of wine tasting in addition to being experts in the usage of wine clubs!

Today we are going to be looking at the best wine clubs out there for those of you who fancy white wine, so if you are a fan of Chardonnay, Sauvignon or Riesling (just to name a few), you should be reading this!

Following is our ranking of what we believe are the best wine clubs for white wine:

#1 Firstleaf wine club white wine:

Firstleaf is very proud of the fact that they have cut out the middlemen and work directly with the wineries and vineyards to provide a range of wines that are available at well below your standard retail prices. Firstleaf wants your membership experience to be as stress-free as possible so that your wine tasting experience is an enjoyable one. They have a selection of boutique white wines that have been sourced from all around the world.

Firstleaf main benefits:

  • International award-winning wines at attractive prices
  • Very appealing introductory shipment
  • A membership service that is personalized to your tasting experience
  • Delivery timeframe is flexible in that you can selection monthly or every second or third month.
  • You have the option to edit and switch selections in your box to match your wine preferences

Bright Cellars Wine Subscription

Price: $20 per bottle
Shipping: $8
(Updated: June 2019)
the best

#2 Bright Cellars Wine Club White Wines

Bright Cellars is a wine club with a strong personalization process ensuring that you receive wines that have been ideally matched to your palate.  They use a pairing algorithm that was designed by their founders who are MIT graduates which results in perfectly matched wines. They have an impressive range of domestic and international wines and they aim to help their members easily discover the world of wine.

Bright Cellars main benefits:

  • Membership includes the flexibility to choose a white only delivery
  • An international selection of wines personally matched to your palate.  
  • Attractive pricing
  • Delight guarantee – if for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with a wine, Bright Cellars will find a replacement, free of charge, for your next delivery
  • Ability to skip deliveries when needed.

#3 Winc Wine Club White Wines

If you love Californian whites, then Winc is an ideal wine club for you. They have a broad selection of Californian wines and aim to make the tasting experience as enjoyable and accessible as can be.  Their selection includes over 100 hand-picked wines.

Winc main benefits:

  • Option to select white only deliveries
  • Attractive pricing
  • A diverse selection of Californian wines
  • Personalization process allows you to provide ratings on the wine you receive which enables your profile to be constantly updated.
  • For all orders of a dozen bottles or more receive a 10% discount

#4 Californian Wine Club

The Californian wine club is another one that is perfect for loves of Californian wines.  They aim to connect their customers with the extensive range of Californian wineries along with a selection of international wines. Members can select from a range of different club plans and there is a pleasing number of different membership options, including options for white wine only subscription.

Californian wine club main benefits:

  • Personalized wine consultants who ensure your wines are matched to your palate
  • When you reorder any wines, you have enjoyed take advantage of $1 delivery and 50% off winery prices.
  • VIP Tours are available for members of any featured wineries.
  • Can specify that you would like a white only delivery.

VineBox Wine Subscription

Price: $72 for 9 tasting bottles
Shipping: Free
(Updated: June 2019)
the best

#5 VineBox Wine Club

VineBox is a wine club membership that offers a unique concept of providing a by-the-glass tasting experience of international and domestic wines.  They are akin to an at-home tasting experience that will increase your knowledge of the world of wine. After you have enjoyed your initial tasting, your membership provides you with credits that can be used to purchase full-size bottles of your favorite wines at greatly reduced prices.

VineBox main benefits:

  • All deliveries include the option to have a white only delivery
  • Membership includes a delivery of exclusive tastings to you every three months
  • There are multiple plans available
  • After enjoying your quarterly by-the-glass tastings you can take advantage of membership credits that can be used to purchase full size bottles of your favourite wines.

Wine clubs offer an entry into the world of wine that is convenient, affordable and enjoyable.  It is a wonderful way for you to increase your tasting experience of all the different white wines that are available across the globe.  As a wine club member, you will receive the benefit of experts hand-picking your wines and you will be able to enjoy a range of exclusive wines that would be almost impossible to find on your own.  A wonderful way to enjoy the world of wine from the comfort of your own home!

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