There is nothing quite like an ‘experience’ gift. Often the memory of this special type of gift can linger in your mind for far longer than anything else. A wine club experience can make an ideal present for that someone special in your life!  Especially if you have a loved one who enjoys tasting different wines or who would like to learn more about the world of wine. 

Whatever the occasion – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or a special thank you, then the gift of a wine club is a truly special choice. A wine club experience can introduce the world of wine or extend the wine experience to someone you love, and it is an ongoing gift that will be treasured for sure.

Following is our list of top wine clubs gift cards:​

1. FirstLeaf wine club gift card

FirstLeaf is a great choice if you are looking to give an experience that includes the best-quality wines at affordable prices. 92% of the hundreds of wines offered by Firstleaf are award-winning. The company is able to offer these great award-winning wines at such good prices by eliminating the middleman. Firstleaf works directly with the best world-class wineries, saving you up to 60% off normal retail prices. 

Another great thing to know about FirstLeaf is that their wine shipments are personalized to each customer’s needs. The company analyzes hundreds of wines and billions of data points for every palate profile. With more than 500,000 happy customers rating the wines they receive, the FirstLeaf system can accurately predict what wines each customer will enjoy.

With the Firstleaf gift card, your friends and loved ones will enjoy affordably priced, award-winning wines. They can either redeem their gift cards with the regular wine club shipments or by purchasing individual bottles from the Firstleaf online store. When you purchase a gift card, it can be sent directly to the recipient via email or to your own email so you can forward the gift card when you want.

Firstleaf Wine selection

2. Bright Cellars – great wine gift for loved ones with a discerning palate! 

Bright Cellars offers a wonderful wine club membership that has an exclusive pairing algorithm developed by their two MIT graduate founders. Their great quality of wines are ideal for picky drinkers, and the company is passionate about sourcing a diverse selection of top-quality wines from around the globe.

Bright Cellars gives you the opportunity to give your loved ones a unique gift of wine that they will love. You can send a personalized certificate to the person you wish, and Bright Cellars will ship them their personalized matches directly.


3. Winc – great wine gift for loved ones who are new to the wine world

Winc is the biggest wine club in the US, offering a personalized wine club experience with an easy and enjoyable wine club experience. The club offers a huge selection of over 100 wines from California and around the world at affordable prices. The Winc wine club is a great way of starting your wine tasting journey or increasing your existing wine knowledge. Winc offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can’t go wrong with Winc as a gift!

Purchasing a  Winc gift card is very flexible. All you need to do is to choose the amount of money you would like to spend and then write a personalized note for your recipient. Your customized gift card will be sent directly to the recipient, so they can then redeem the gift card for their personalized wine delivery, based on their palate profile. 

Plonk vs Winc

4. Gold Medal wine club gift

If you are looking to the best wine club experience for a loved one who is passionate about the world of wine, then the Gold Medal wine club is a great choice! The Gold Medal wine club is one of the oldest in the wine club industry, with over 25 years of experience in delivering the best Californian wines.

The Gold Medal wine club specializes in award-winning and highly rated wines. All the club wines that are featured in their six different clubs have received top medals in different wine competitions or are highly rated by national wine publications. The wines are usually produced in small batches from boutique family wineries. With Gold Medal wine club you will be enjoying wines that you would not be able to find in a regular local wine store.

When you buy a Gold Medal wine club gift card, you will need to choose between one of their six wine clubs. Each wine club shipment includes two bottles of award-winning wines, 1 red + 1 white wine, with the option to choose a red or white delivery only. The gift will be delivered to your recipient in an artist-commissioned gift box, that includes a personalized gift card.

gold medal box review

5. wine Gift

Naked Wines is not really a wine club, but more a unique online wine store, with a concept that is based on hundreds of thousands of customers (named angels) that rate and fund winemakers. This methodology allows the Naked wine winemakers to focus on hand-crafting wines and sell it at a very attractive price. Since we believe the Naked Wines system offers some very attractive wine cases that can be bought as a gift, we had to include them as part of this review!

One of the best things when it comes to Naked Wines is that they simply provide an amazing selection of high-quality and boutique wines and wine cases with great value for money. The company is able to offer such great prices for quality wines due to the fact that it cuts out the middleman, and is able to remove a huge amount of costs that are involved in the traditional wine stores.

At the Naked wines online store you can find so many options to buy as a gift – reds, whites or a mix, local wines or wine cases from around the world – you name it!

The price range can fit any budget, from 60$ to 300$ and more. You can order the wines to your address or you can order the delivery directly to your recipients, including gift messages and a big sticker on top of the delivery box so they know you got it as a gift for them.

Naked Wines

What is a wine club?

A wine club is a membership service that provides its members with a carefully chosen selection of wines on a regular basis. Wine club deliveries can be as varied as a handful of tasting size bottles or a dozen full-size bottles. The regularity of deliveries can also vary from club to club with some wine clubs providing monthly deliveries while others deliver ever the second month or quarterly. Most wine clubs have a personalization component which means that as time goes on you will receive wines that are increasingly matched to your palate. A wine club also gives you access to otherwise hard to source wines from wineries from all over the globe.

The top benefits of using a wine club service?

We believe that wine clubs offer an attractive service that will easily and affordably introduce you to the amazing world of wine. There are many reasons to consider becoming a member of a wine club, the following are our top five reasons:

  1. Wine clubs open the door to a diverse range of international and domestic wines from vineyards and wineries of all sizes from across the world. They generally have extensive wine lists featuring wines that the average customer would not be able to source on their own.
  2. Wine clubs offer a broad tasting experience where you will enjoy wines that have been hand-picked by sommeliers and wine professionals.
  3. Wine clubs are surprisingly affordable. As a member, you will receive substantial discounts on wine purchases and enjoy wines as part of your membership that has been sourced at prices that are well below your normal retail and cellar door prices.
  4. As a wine club member, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a personalization process that allows for wines to be matched by experts to your tasting profile.  
  5. Wine clubs are very easy to use and offer a pleasing amount of flexibility to their members. You will find with most wine clubs that you can edit your wine selections, skip deliveries when necessary and cancel your account whenever required.

The Wine Club Reviews and our promotions:

At the Wine Club Reviews, we work hard tasting the wines and testing the membership processes of all wine clubs that we include on our website. This means you will be able to look at information that comes from the first-hand experience that covers all elements of the wine club process.

If you are contemplating buying a wine club membership for a loved one, make sure you have a look at our promotion page. You will be able to access some amazing promotions from many wine clubs that will mean your gift buying dollar will go even further!  We love the idea of giving a wine club membership as a gift – the gift that will keep on giving, making your loved one feel special!