If you are a fan of wines from across the globe, then a Wine Club membership is a perfect way of broadening your international tasting experience. Wine clubs offer an affordable and convenient way of introducing you to wineries from different countries and regions and to tasting wines that would otherwise be hard to find. With trained sommeliers and wine selectors working with many wineries, including boutique and single grape operations, you will find that your wine club membership provides access to a unique and diverse range of international wine tasting options.

Today we are going to be looking at our top recommendations for wine clubs that offer the best international tasting experience. Our team at the Wine Club Reviews are seasoned experts when it comes to the usage of wine clubs and the tasting service they offer.  Our knowledge comes from the first-hand experience and we can provide a detailed insight into the world of wine club memberships.

Following is our ranking of what we believe are the best wine clubs for those of you who like to enjoy wines from around the world:

1. Firstleaf Wine Club

Firstleaf has put together an enviable selection of boutique wines that have been sourced from wine regions from all over the world. They have made every effort to cut out the middleman and work directly with the vineyards and wineries so that reasonable prices can be maintained. Their membership is all about enjoying the world of wine with minimum stress.

Firstleaf main benefits:

  • International award-winning wines at affordable prices
  • Membership includes a personalization process to ensure wines are matched to your palate
  • Flexibility to select your delivery preference whether it be monthly or every second or third month.
  • You can edit your selections prior to delivery to ensure that wines are matched to your wine preferences.
Firstleaf Wine selection

2. NakedWines.com-International Wine Selection

A new kid on the block in the wine club industry is NakedWines.com. This club has an unusual format which gives its customers access to a fantastic selection of wines at amazing prices.

The premise behind the club is that its customers are not customers, but angels. They are angels as their subscription or one-off purchase fees go towards funding winemakers.

These angels also provide ratings and reviews on an ongoing basis of all wines that they taste. Due to the set up of Naked Wines, they assist winemakers to focus on creating incredible wines. The angels then have access to a wonderful selection of wines that represent great value for money. If you are a lover of international wines, you will be impressed with the extent of the selection available at Naked Wines. You can purchase wines by the bottle or the case. Some of their international wine cases include ‘Cabernet Around the World’, ‘Passport to France’ and ‘Passport to South Africa’ just to name a few.

When you are selecting your wines, you have the option to filter by country, and you can search for wines from the wine countries that you prefer. Some countries that are included are France, Spain, South Africa, Chile and so many more!

NakedWines wine club review

3. Bright Cellar International Wines

Bright Cellars wine club is an amazing monthly wine club that promises four of the best-quality international and domestic wines to personally matched to your tasting palate.

The Bright Cellars MIT grad co-founders have developed a pairing algorithm, based on a short 7 question quiz.  This algorithm matches their customers with wines that match perfectly to their taste.

The Bright Cellars wine club is very simple and includes only one plan type; a monthly delivery of 4 bottles of the best rated and matched wines. You do have the flexibility to choose your preference in terms of red, white or a mix. You also have the flexibility to skip months or delay your shipments whenever needed.


4. Martha wine co. Best international wine selection

The Martha Stewart wine club offers you access to a specially curated collection of wines by the domestic goddess of America, Martha Stewart. What we love about the Martha Stewart wine club is its extensive range of options. There genuinely is something to please everybody. You can opt for two different subscription levels or choose instead to shop from their online store. 

If you are a lover of international wines, then you will love the international collection from the Martha Stewart wine club. Their wine list is diverse and includes premium selections from France, Australia, Spain, Italy, Germany, and New Zealand, just to name a few countries. 

Key benefits of the Martha Stewart wine club:

  • The Martha Stewart wine club includes an extensive range of international wines.
  • Members receive suggestions and guidance from Martha Stewart herself, which assists with tasting and food pairing. 
  • Premium wines are available at affordable prices. 
  • Club membership begins with a shipment of specially curated wines. 
  • Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with any wines, receive a credit refund. 
Martha Stewart wine club

5.Gold Medal International Wines

The Gold Medal Wine Club was one of the original wine clubs in America. It has been around for over 25 years and has extensive experience in delivering quality wine from all over the world.

The Gold Medal Wine Club offers six different plans for its members. One of these plans is a dedicated International Wine Club Plan. The Gold Medal Wine Club is well-known for its focus on Californian wines, but their exclusive International Wine Club will take you on an incredible tasting journey around the glove.

This club provides three bottles of hard-to-find premium international wines per shipment. Their international wine lists include wines that are sourced from hidden wine estates around the world including Spain, France, Chile and more.

They focus on wines that have received medals or have been highly rated by wine publications and critics. As their priority is sourcing wines that are produced in small batches in artisan and boutique wineries, you will be experiencing wines that would be almost impossible to source in any other format.

The International Wine Club gives access to prices that represent savings of up to 40% off standard cellar door and wholesale prices.

gold medal international wine

VineBox Wine Subscription

the best

6. VineBox – Best International Wine Club

Not only does VineBox provide a unique tasting format in that your membership is based on a by-the-glass wine experience, but they also have a diverse and impressive selection of international wines. VineBox likens their membership to an at-home tasting experience that is sure to increase your wine knowledge and provide an interesting journey into the world of wines.  After you have enjoyed your quarterly by-the-glass tastings your membership then comes with credits that can be used to purchase full-size bottles of your favorite wines at very attractive prices.

VineBox main benefits:

  • An impressive selection of international wines hand-picked by experts.
  • All deliveries include the option to specify if you would like a red, white or mixed delivery.
  • Several different plans available.
  • Membership includes credits that you can use to purchase full-size bottles of your favourite wines.
VineBox Wine Box

Wine clubs really come into their own when looking at the world of international wines.  Often those more unusual wines from boutique wineries can be almost impossible to find, but wine clubs ensure that the most varied of international wine selections are part of your tasting experience.  

They also offer a service that is convenient, with experts picking the wines for you and in most cases very affordable, with substantial discounts to standard retail pricing. Wine clubs are a wonderful way of tasting wines from around the world without leaving your living room!