• Post published:December 28, 2020

Winc is a unique wine club, providing hundreds of bottles packed from California and worldwide. It delivers various combinations, from traditional to savory new vintages.

Winc recognizes its role in presenting excellent wines from every region, quality, and style, focusing on affordable prices.

Also, Winc develops its reputation with wines that are accessible at selected retailers around the country. According to Winc, wine is one of life’s great pleasures. The Winc team concentrates on quality over quantity.

Winc works with independent winemakers and producers, mainly from California, and is celebrated by renowned media outlets, including Business Insider and Huffington Post – And we second the support!

In this red wines of Winc review, we will dive into selecting best selling reds that are recommended trying!

As you probably know, red wine grapes typically prefer warm weather, and they can offer dry or sweet wines. Some examples include Cabernet Sauvignon in California wines, Shiraz in South Africa and Australia, and Malbec in Argentina.

Winc Red Wine Plan

Winc is a monthly wine subscription service. With Winc, you will receive to your home a selection of four excellent wines directly to your door.

You have the option to choose between only red, only white, or a mixed delivery box.

Winc Wine Lable

Invoke Cabernet Franc

This is a vivid red with intense fragrances and an elegant texture. It’s an ideal choice for snowy days and cold nights. 

This excellent wine has rich fruit tastes, aromatic notes, and enough body and tannin to make up for a healthy meal. Try it when you’re in the mood for a dark and full body red.

Scarpetta Barbera

This Barbera wine is brightly red and contains aromas of crushed berries and plums, with notes of earth and porcini fungi.

It is medium-bodied with low tannins but vivid acidity, making it a lovely blend and an excellent match for roasted chickens or lightly roasted vegetables as well.

Land Fall Merlot

California Merlots tend to be more fruitful, with lots of raspberries and blackberries cut with rich mocha and chocolate notes. Tannins tend to be milder in warmer environments. A fine, bold Merlot can match nicely with a bit of roasted duck or some braised beef.

This is an elegant red that invokes warm sweaters, covers, sandals, and cuddles. The Land Fall Merlot is soft and inviting.

Cowtown Cabernet Sauvignon

Commonly considered as the king of red wine grapes, Bordeaux is the birthplace of Cabernet Sauvignon. It has a premium value per ton and is widely regarded as the most widespread grape used in some of California’s most renowned brands.

This cabernet is dry and full-bodied. It is valued for its long aging quality. It is also recognized for its characteristic green tastes, such as bell pepper, eucalyptus, and mint.

Winc Key Facts and Benefits:

  • Monthly wine delivery, great for wine lovers.
  • Wine delivered to your door, with no need to go to the liquor store.
  • Popular wine types at affordable prices.
  • California-based and international wines straight from the vineyard.
  • Personalized wine delivery that matches your taste palate.
  • Option to edit your wine selection per box.
  • Option to fill in your tasting notes and rate your wines to get best-matched in your future deliveries.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee – Never pay for a bottle you did not like.
  • 10% discount for a case order or more.
  • Option to select only between only red or only white wine delivery, or a mix of both.
  • Flexibility to skip a month or cancel at any time.

Winc Red Wine Plan – Do We Recommend It?

If you’re looking for low-cost and high-quality wine selections to casually drink at home, we would recommend Winc monthly wine subscription box for sure!

With the vast Winc wine selection, there is something for everyone. The Winc wine box is excellent, and their red wine plan is no exception. You can receive personalized delivery of red wine bottles suited to your taste palate, and you can rate your wines, so every delivery is even better suited to your tastebuds.