• Post published:February 10, 2020

At the Wine Club Reviews, we simply adore the world of wine clubs! We believe that a wine club membership offers you a convenient, affordable and enjoyable way of venturing into the world of wine. The industry is rapidly expanding, and there are now many different services available.

The WSJ wine club has an impressive selection of international and local wines that are delivered to your door every 3 months. As a WSJ wine club member, you will receive a 12-bottle case every quarter that is incredibly affordable compared to normal retail prices.

We love the WSJ wine club and hope that you enjoyed your experience.

Regardless of how much you are enjoying your WSJ wine club experience, circumstances can change, and there might come a time when you need to reassess your membership.

You might be asking yourself, ‘how can I cancel my WSJ wine club?’. 

Whether it be financial commitments or the fact that you are too busy to appreciate a quarterly delivery, or you would simply like to try another wine club, the reason does not matter. What matters is how easy it is to cancel your wine club subscription.

Wine Club

How to cancel your WSJ wine club account:

You may cancel your WSJ wine club membership account at any time without any cancellation fees. Following are the two ways of canceling your WSJ wine club account: 

  • You can phone the customer support team on 1-877-975-9463. They can be contacted on weekdays from 8 am to 11 pm ET and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 8 pm ET.
  • Alternatively, you can email customer support on customerservice@wsjwine.com – you should receive a response within 24 hours

How to pause your WSJ wine club account:

Whatever your reason for canceling your WSJ wine club account, another option to consider is skipping deliveries or pausing your account for a certain amount of time. It is very important to the WSJ wine club team that you are in charge of your personal wine club, and you can pause your WSJ wine club account at any time by skipping upcoming deliveries. You can do this at any time without any penalties.

How to skip a delivery which will pause your account:

  • Go to ‘My Wine Clubs’ and click the ‘Manage my Wine Clubs’ button.
  • Then go to the “Your Next Case’ tab and select ‘Change Date’ from the drop-down button.
  • You can then select to delay your shipment by a few weeks or opt to skip the next delivery altogether by selecting ‘Skip this Delivery’.

Important things to consider when canceling your WSJ wine club account:

If your circumstances have changed and you need to cancel your WSJ wine club account, it might also be a good idea to consider pausing your account by skipping a few deliveries. You can do this as often as you need and it will mean that you don’t have to set up a new account elsewhere. If you are going away for a while, or have short-term increased work commitments or you have some extra financial obligations you need to meet, then pausing your WSJ wine club account might be the best option. However, if things have completely changed or you are no longer interested in continuing your WSJ wine club account, then it would be best to cancel your account.

Regardless of whether you are canceling or pausing your account, you would need to make sure that any changes were implemented at least 48 hours prior to when your membership fees are due. You would also need to take note of delivery dates as any changes would need to be made prior to when your next delivery is processed.

Alternatives for the WSJ wine club:

If one of your reasons for canceling your WSJ wine club account is that you would like to try an alternative wine club, then you will find heaps of options out there. Our team at the Wine Club Review continues to review all companies in the industry, so we are well-versed in all that the industry has to offer.

Following are our recommendations for the best wine club services currently available. 

Bright Cellars:

If you are looking for an effective personalization process that will see you receiving wines that have been matched to your palate, then Bright Cellars is the club for you. Bright Cellars was founded by two MIT graduates who developed a unique pairing algorithm for the Bright Cellars wine club members. Your subscription membership sees you receive a monthly delivery of four wines that have been matched to your profile.


Firstleaf is an affordable wine club that begins with a very attractive introductory shipment of 6 bottles. This introductory shipment allows your tasting profile to be established and is part of the personalization process. Following this first shipment, members can choose to receive a 6-bottle delivery every month or every two or three months. Firstleaf works directly with the wineries to cut out the expensive middlemen and provide their members with wines at substantially reduced prices.

Martha Stewart Wine Company:  

Martha Stewart is the Queen of home cooking, so obviously, she is also an expert on food and wine pairings. As part of your membership with the Martha Stewart Wine Company, you will receive exclusive serving, pairing and entertaining recommendations from Martha Stewart herself! As a subscriber to the Martha Stewart Wine Company, you will receive either 6 or 12 bottles every 6 or 8 weeks. All wines on the wine list of the Martha Stewart Wine Company have been personally curated by Martha Stewart.

Naked Wines: 

Although Naked Wines is more of a unique online wine store, we had to include it in our recommendations. We feel that it is a great way of enjoying an incredible range of wines at affordable prices. As a Naked Wines customer, you become an angel which means that your membership fees help fund winemakers to design and create incredible wines that are only available to the Naked Wines customers. The Naked Wines collection is made up of exclusive boutique wines that are attractively priced and not available elsewhere.


Winc is a wine club with a mission to make the wine tasting process enjoyable and stress-free for its members. The Winc wine club has an impressive Californian based winery offering, and members can enjoy a range of incredible Californian wines that have been personally curated by their sommelier Brian Smith and the Winc team. The Winc wine club is a subscription membership that includes a monthly delivery of 4 bottles of wine. As a member, you can opt for a red only, white only or mixed delivery.

It is always good to know that if you need to cancel your WSJ wine club account that it is a trouble-free process without any penalties or complications. Then, when you are ready to try something different, there are lots of other wine club options out there for you.