• Post published:December 10, 2020

Wine clubs give their members a way to taste the most exquisite wines from wine regions in the US and worldwide. A wine club membership gives you access to bottles that have been personally selected and, in most cases, suited to your style.

The WSJ Wine Club was the leading wine club in the world to create volume subscriptions for premium wines with a priority on quality and affordability. Founded in September 2008, the WSJ offers a 12- wine case subscription box, and at a great price.

You can enjoy the luxury of a great bottle of wine per week throughout your membership.

Is WSJ Wine Worth It? Pros and Cons

You might ask yourself – is WSJ wine legit?

In one word, our answer is – YES.

The WSJ wine club offers many advantages, that tops the few disadvantages we could find. Here is our full list of Pros and cons:

  • 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t like a wine they send you.
  • A dozen bottles of top-rated wines are shipped to your door every three months.
  • Option to choose all reds, all whites, or a mixed case of wine.
  • Confirmation email sent right away.
  • Premium AWARD-WINNING WINES from unique, top quality producers around the world.
  •  Two weeks advance notice of next case delivery prior to shipping.
  • Great tasting note cards – with information about the wine and the story behind it.
  • Rewards and upgrades for club members, including magnums, luxury bottles, and credits.
  • VIP offers for club members, including early access to some deals.
  • Excellent beginner discounts for the first box, always with occasional gifts.
  • As a club member, you obtain 20% savings on all club cases after the discovery box.
  • Flexible subscription and good customer service: All you have to do is to go online or call to change wines, skip deliveries, or cancel at any time – no hidden engagement.


  • A 3-month wine club option only: No option for monthly wine subscription.
  • The shipping price is not included in the initial membership payment (like with most wine clubs).
  • Since it’s alcohol, the customer must be 21 years of age or older to sign the delivery. This is true to all wine delivery. You can have the box held at a nearby FedEx location and pick it up yourself.

The WSJ Wine Subscription Club Offers 

The Introductory Offer: This unique offer is available for club members when joining the WSJ Wine Club. The package contains 12 bottles of wine and a gift value for just $69.99. 

The Discovery Club: You receive 12 bottles of top-choice wine from the club, including wines that have earned prestigious awards or that have been recognized or reviewed as favorites by wine lovers or other members. 

The Premier Club: This is an optional offer from the WSJ wine club containing some of the world’s most famous wines. You can get the world’s finest wines, including varietals from vibrant estates in Italy, Piedmont, and Rioja, Tuscany, and beyond. 

Our Try With WSJ Wine

It’s not easy to send you 12 excellently arranged wines every three months. WSJ wine was the first to introduce a 12-bottle-subscription package to the wine industry.

 When we sign up for WSJ wine, we got the first wine case packaged with tasting notes and a free binder to learn about all the bottles we have got or are set to receive in the future.

The first delivery from the WSJ wine club is not customized other than offering you the choice to pick whether you want a red, white, or mixed box

The Box and Shipping

The box arrives a few days after the order. It was well organized with a special wine holder to keep all 12 bottles safe. The package also included a lot of useful information about each wine, a welcome brochure, a catalog, a booklet about the wine club, and tasting notes for each wine. 

For every order, WSJ’s delivery ensures a delivery date ranging between 5-18 days, depending on your location.

All deliveries are sent through FedEx, and a WSJ wine free shipping discount code is sometimes offered for new members. The shipping fees Standart cost $19.90 per case.

Tasting Notes

Free tasting notes are provided with each box. Thus, you have detailed info about the wine you’re drinking and the story behind it.

The WSJ Top Wines We Tasted

Many of the WSJ wine club wines have gained great rewards or have been listed as a top pick by hundreds of wine enthusiasts. They offer quality and good value for money.

Here are the top four bottles we loved the most out of the WSJ wine case we got:

Raymond ‘The Inaugural’ Cabernet Sauvignon 

This was a powerful cabernet, which we like. The fruit and the fine tannin combination worked pretty well.

Aluado Alicante Bouschet 2015

This Portuguese wine was a delight.  Wine lovers strongly recommend purchasing it. With this quality and at only $14.99, we would call it the best choice. The wine contains sweet plums, blackberries, and ripe tannins.

Black Saint Peter Old Vine Zinfandel

This bottle was really rich and appealing with delicious black cherry and raspberry fruits and pleasant vanilla oak. It costs only $15.99, and you should give it a try.

Benedictus de Vatican

This was a sweet, rich, and easy to drink table wine. You can match it with every dinner and certainly can pick up a traditional blackberry, plum, and cherry combination. At only $25, we recommend that you buy it.

Conclusion – Do We Recommend Trying WSJ Wine Club?  

The answer is yes. The Wall Street Journal wine club is one of the most affordable in the wine industry, with a first case delivery price of less than $6 a bottle! It offers you the lowest price with excellent quality wines, making it a fantastic deal, whether you add standard or premium wines to the menu.

The WSJ offers excellent wines from different and top-quality farmers around the world. And In case you are not happy with the wines you ordered, you can contact their friendly customer service and ask for a full refund.

Once you sign up for the WSJ wine club, you gain access to a vast selection of domestic and international wines that will be shipped to your home every three months. 

Join today and save up to 20% with our great coupons and promo codes. Plus, Enjoy free gifts on your first shipment.