• Post published:April 21, 2020

Wine clubs started to become popular after the inception of Wine of the Month Club in 1972. Since then, online companies have been appearing in droves, bringing the best products to wine-lovers all over the world.

There is a stigma, however, that only wine experts can partake in these wine clubs. Fortunately, this is not and has never been true. Wine clubs began as a way to expose more people to the endless splendor of wine and wine-making!

If you’ve been thinking about joining a wine club, have no fear. Regardless of whether you head straight to the vintage section or prefer a good-old wine box, you will love joining a wine club!   

What is an online wine club service?

If you love a good glass of wine, then you know that there is an endless number of flavors and profiles to enjoy. There are vineyards all over the world utilizing their unique locations to manifest new flavors. However, it can be challenging to access all of the fantastic wines from all over the world.

Wine clubs emerged as a way to provide access to wines that would otherwise be hard to find. Additionally, these subscriptions expose wine-lovers to high-quality wines that they might not choose on their own.

Generally, wine clubs offer a range of subscription options for their customers. The subscriptions will vary based on the types of wines sent, the frequency of the deliveries, and the quality. Customers need only choose the kinds of wines they’re interested in receiving (red wines, white wines, limited editions, etc.) and decide how often they want them.  

Alternatively, clients may choose to gift wine club subscriptions to others. 

Wine Club Benefits 

Wine clubs offer many benefits for those who want to expand their palates.

One of the most attractive benefits of this service has to do with pricing. Purchasing through a wine club allows customers to access expensive wines for a lower price than they would find at their local retailer. The more deliveries purchased, the more the customer ends up saving.  

Wine club customers also find that they are exposed to more unique, harder-to-find wines through these clubs. Instead of being limited to the options on retail shelves, they can enjoy local or international wines that aren’t available in-stores.

Depending on the wine club, there is also the benefit of having a great team of wine selectors. In some cases, specialists will travel to vineyards to sample the best wines themselves before offering them to customers. This ensures that clients are getting the best quality for their dollar.   

Of course, wine club members can also enjoy regular interactions with their wine club specialists, as well as the member’s community. Participants can discuss the latest flavors they’ve tried, make suggestions, and learn more about the process of creating and tasting wines.

The benefits are just as educational as they are delicious.

Why You Don’t Need to Be a Wine Expert 

Many people ask: Do I need to be a wine expert to join a wine club? Our answer is a resounding, “No!”.

Wine clubs are not just available to people with wine knowledge. The main goal is to help anyone and everyone enjoy wines from around the world. Whether you’ve got a mastered palate or you’re just starting to enjoy wine now, these clubs are for everyone. 

Here is why you don’t need to be a wine expert to have a wine subscription:

  • Your wine club will assist you: Wine clubs are happy to educate you about all of the wines they offer, their tastes, and what they pair well with. In most cases, you can talk to a customer service representative who will help you through the process if need be.
  • You’ll learn about your preferences: Most wine clubs have various ways to determine what kind of wine you would enjoy most. This includes online quizzes that assess your preferred flavors and notes. In the end, you’ll find out what types of labels best reflect your personal preferences.
  • Customer service: If you need assistance with choosing wines or ordering, online wine clubs provide a full service to answer your questions. If you don’t like the flavor you’ve ordered, there are often return options available so you can try something else.  
  • Clear, concise information: You can learn all about the wines available, including their region, flavors, and varieties. As you choose your wines, you’ll be learning about them as you go!
  • Community: Many wine clubs have a member community, where wine-lovers new and experienced can talk about their favorite wines and offer advice. Here is the perfect place to ask questions and gain confidence in your personal wine knowledge.

You don’t have to be an expert to be in a wine club; however, there is a good chance you’ll walk away knowing much more about wine if you give it a try! Even if you have no interest in learning but want to try some new aromas, a wine club can undoubtedly find you some new flavors.  

How to Choose a Wine Club 

There are endless options when it comes to online wine clubs. For those who are unsure which company to use, it is helpful to perform a thorough research of each club and to make comparisons. Doing so will help you find the wine club that is best for you.

Unfortunately, doing all of this extra work would take a long time. Luckily, we at The Wine Club Reviews have done the work for you!

Wine Club Reviews exists to make choosing a wine club simple. We provide an extensive list of reviews, highlighting all of the benefits and disadvantages of each company. Our assessments include factors such as pricing, flexibility, return process, wine selection, customer service, and more.

Within our reviews, we make sure to cover any of the questions you might have. This way, you can read through each evaluation and break down which options speak the most to you.

Not only are we pleased to offer reviews of the most popular options, but we also provide club comparisons. The goal is to educate customers about available wine clubs, and how they stack up to others on the internet.

Some of the things we compare include introductory offers, shipping prices, ease of website use, wines available, etc. With the information, customers can choose the club that offers the products and services they’re looking for.

Additionally, we understand that some wine clubs are more expensive than others. However, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable wines! That is why we search for working coupons that our visitors can utilize to make wine club subscriptions more reasonable.  

These coupons are kept up-to-date and give customers the chance to purchase from wine companies they wouldn’t normally consider.  

At The Wine Club Reviews, we provide up-to-date information that is continuously curated. This way, we can provide visitors with the most recent news in the wine industry.  

We are also pleased to offer a plethora of knowledge in the wine field in the form of online articles and our wine blog. Here we discuss new local wines, gift ideas, food pairings, and more. We want to make wine as accessible to everyone as possible!

Making Wine Accessible 

Wine is a beautiful thing, in all of its many forms. With so many flavors and processes to choose from, there is a bottle out there for everyone! That being said, we want everyone to be able to appreciate a good glass of wine, no matter what is on the label.

If you’re thinking about joining a wine club, you’re in the right place!

Browse all of the most popular options – including best wine clubs for red wine, white wine, local or international wines.

Give one a try. You might end up being surprised about how much you learn from one delicious sip!