• Post published:June 14, 2020

A wine club is a subscription-based membership program just for wine lovers. From Winc to FirstLeaf, Bright Cellars and so many more, there are many quality programs that have established themselves in the wine club business. They each feature their own experience of carefully selected wines.

Wine club memberships provide its members with a curated selection of usually premium wines on 30 days, 2 month or quarterly basis. Each wine box comes at an exclusive club discount so that members can sample a number of different wine varieties, all from the convenience of home. Wine clubs usually offer membership benefits like exposure to great wines at a relatively low cost, extra saving on ordering wines you loved, and more.

  • How Do Wine Clubs Work?

    Wine clubs ship its wine enthusiast members a curated selection of fine wines on a regularly-scheduled basis; usually monthly or quarterly – to essentially bring the experience of tasting rooms to the member’s home.

    Wine membership sign-up is fast and easy. Wine club members provide the wine club with their email address, shipping address, and credit card so that shipments can begin on the wine club’s next shipment date. some wine clubs offer a personalized experience, based on your personal taste palate.

    Wine club shipments are shipped directly from the wine club’s business address to the member’s address on file. Due to age restrictions that govern the sale of alcohol, members must be present at the time the wine box is scheduled to be delivered. 21 years of age signature is required in order to receive shipments. If an adult is not present at the time of delivery, the wine box is labeled “unable to ship” and is promptly returned back to the wine club.

    Some locally based wine clubs run through wineries even offer a “pick up my wines” option that allows them to pick up their shipments from the winery itself. Many wine clubs also offer rewards programs as an incentive to their loyal members.

  • How Much Do Wine Clubs Cost?

    Wine clubs range in pricing. each wine club offers a price to suit the variety of wines on offer and the consumers they serve. From affordable wine to pricier premium wines, there are a number of different subscriptions that are offered. This ensures that there is a suitable price range for everyone whos on a search for a wine club service.

  • How Do I Find a Wine Club That Is for Me?

    With so many different wine clubs out there, we understand that choosing one may be difficult. Here are some pointers that we think are relevant to making the best selection for your wine club.

    • Consider your budget relative to the cost of the wine club. How much wine can you drink, and how much can you afford to spend on a membership?
    • Some wine clubs serve feature local wineries, even offering rewards programs as an incentive, while other wine club services focus on bringing an international wine experience.
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  • Can I Cancel, Skip Shipments, or Suspend My Wine Club?

    As a wine club member, you have full control over your wine club benefits. Going out of town? You can skip deliveries as needed, effectively suspending your membership until the next shipment is due for release. You can also cancel your membership at any time, at which point the next shipment scheduled automatically cancels.

  • Where Do the Wines Come From? Are They Sustainable?

    Wine clubs feature the gamut of wines, with all regions and varieties represented. Local wines, affordable wines, international wines, and everything in between are available to members. Organic and sustainable wines, which have gained significant traction in today’s wine culture, are also readily available.

  • Can I Choose What Wine I Want?

    Wine clubs that follow the personalized model (like Winc, Bright Cellars, or FirstLeaf) begin the sign-up process with a palate quiz that lets the wine club know the palate preferences of the customer. Preferences such as white wine versus red wine can be honored to tailor shipments. Other wine clubs, like Martha Stewart wine club or NakedWines.com, offer pre-fixed red, white or mixed wine boxes to all customers.

  • Can I Choose the Size of the Shipment?

    Most wine clubs do offer the flexibility to choose a shipment size that meets their needs. Many also offer special shipment options for parties, gifts, and the holiday season.

  • Can I Afford a Wine Club?

    As with any other purchase, take into consideration how much you are able to spend on your wine club membership. On the plus side, wine clubs can save you time and gas by bringing the fine wine tasting experience to your home. The special bulk pricing of a wine club membership also saves customers money over time. we strongly recommend checking our ‘best affordable wine clubs’ review to find an affordable wine club that matches your needs.

  • Why You Should Use Our Site to Help Choose a Wine Club?

    Thewineclubreviews.com provides great in-depth comparisons and honest reviews that help a potential member gauge the customer experience afforded by different wine clubs and make an informed decision. We also offer great discounts for beginners!