• Post published:April 21, 2020

Being a parent is hard. It requires constant patience and continuously choosing what is best for everyone in the family. So, when special occasions such as Father’s Day rolls around the corner, we often think about the best way to show them how grateful we are to them. Before you start digging online for the best gift, allow us to save you the time and effort. The one thing that we know all amazing father figures will love – is wine. It’s sophisticated, indulgent, and the perfect salute to all the gentlemen in our lives.

So here’s an idea for you: why not allow them to truly explore their taste for wine by giving them a wine club gift? With such gifting, they’ll be able to expand their taste for this refined beverage. Who knows, they might just be able to discover the next go-to drink that you can bond over the next time you go and visit them.

Interested to know more about how you can show your appreciation to your father and father-figures through wine club gift card? We have listed some recommendations for the best wine clubs for Father’s Day

Father’s Day Wine club Gifts – Our Recommendations 

Firstleaf – Best wine club gift for your father

Affordable and fully personalized, a subscription from Firstleaf is one of our top gift recommendations for Father’s Day Wine Club coupons. At its core, Firstleaf offers a plethora of wine options without involving importers, distributors, and retailers (aka the middlemen) so that you can enjoy the wine without breaking the pocket.

Firstleaf sources its wines both locally and internationally. More than just the significantly lowered price point (we’re talking 40%-60% less than the regular retail price here, by the way), they offer curated wines that are matched to their customers’ tastes. They will ask you for feedback during the first few monthly deliveries so that they can send in more personalized bottles that are better suited for you and your father’s tastes.

Firstleaf subscription is like wine–the longer you subscribe to them, the better tasting your deliveries will be. This is because they will continually develop your tasting profile until they can give you and your father the bottles that you will be sure to love.

Why should you choose Firstleaf?

●      For the selection of your wine preference – Red, white, or both–you can indicate the type of wine that you would like to be included in your wine club for Father’s day gift.

●      For its 100% refund guarantee – Although there’s a slim chance for this to happen, your father can send back the wine that you or your dad did not like from your delivery.

For their personalized wine selection, that will be matched to your taste profile – Over time and with constant feedback, Firstleaf will have your dad’s taste for wine down to pat. This means that they will be able to send bottles that you’ll be sure to enjoy.    

Bright Cellars – Perfect wine gift for fathers day!

Another recommendation for the best wine gifts for Father’s Day is Bright Cellars. This subscription will choose 4 bottles of wine for your dad based on a personalized wine quiz. This palate quiz is thorough and boasts of a unique pairing algorithm that will be sure to match your dad’s discerning taste with wine that he’ll be sure to love.

Bright Cellars curates their wines and only offers top-quality bottles to their customers. Through this wine gift, you’ll be able to connect your dad to some of the world’s finest wines.

Why should you choose Brightcellars?

  • For its wine selection – Bright Cellars sources its wines from small-vineyard all over the world. This means that you’ll be able to discover bottles that you would otherwise never come across with.
  • For its more personalized selection – You’ll be recommended wines based on the quiz that you will take.
  • For the delight guarantee – Bright Cellars has a delight guarantee policy–if you don’t like a bottle from your current delivery, a free replacement will be given to you on the next delivery.

Winc – Great wine club gift card option for fathers day

Winc makes top-quality wine more accessible to people at affordable prices. They are on a mission to spread their appreciation for wine by offering the best-tasting wine that you and your father (or father-figure) will be sure to enjoy.

This is the perfect subscription gift to wine-lovers who reside in California. It pairs its customers with their recommended wine bottles through a smart online process called Palate Profile. Here, they will ask 6 questions that will be used as the basis for the bottle recommendations for their future deliveries.

Why should you choose Winc?

  • For its flexibility – They offer small batches of the best boutique wines based on your tastes. This is no cookie-cutter subscription, but rather it offers flexible recommendations based on individual palates.
  • For its price – Winc offers great-tasting wine at an affordable price
  • For its continuous update on your Palate Profile – You’ll only get better and better wine recommendations from Winc as the months go by. They will ask you to rate your wines so that they can send bottles that are up to your taste.

California Wine Club

The California Wine Club can be the perfect wine club gift because of its flexibility and the wide array of wines that it offers. This option connects you to 5 premium wine club options:

  • Premier Series – With just two bottles per month, this is the perfect starter kit for those who are simply exploring their taste for wine.
  • Signature Series – This series is designed for wine-lovers with a specific taste for artisanal wine. Here, you can send 2 wine bottles per month.
  • International Series – The right fit for every adventurous wine-lover out there. This option delivers 2 curated bottles from around the globe.
  • Aged Cabernet Series 0 Does your dad prefer the rich taste of aged wine? Take him on a trip down memory lane with 8-12 year wines from Napa.
  • Pacific Northwest Series – Do you think he’ll have a taste for homegrown wine from Washington and Oregon? Send him 2 wine bottles from these states.

Things to consider when choosing a wine club gift:

What’s great about wine clubs is that they are personalized and meaningful to the people that you give them out to as gifts. Not only will you be putting their palate into consideration, but you will also get to set your preferences as the gift-giver too. Your shipping location, your budget, the packaging, and the actual selection of the wines are some of the things that need to be considered as well. Let’s explore these considerations a bit more in the section below.

  • Shipping locations – Sending out wine subscriptions may seem like the perfect gift this Father’s Day, but make sure that you put into consideration the shipping laws that are implemented in your state. The last thing that you want is for your bottles to end up in custody rather than in your dad’s wineglass ready to be consumed.
  • Your budget – Great wine doesn’t always mean that it has to be expensive and burn a hole right through your pockets. Most wine clubs will connect you to a sophisticated array of the best tasting wines without making such a huge dent on your bank account. Also, what’s great about these is that you can set a budget and indicate the number of months that you would like the delivery to take place–1, 2, or maybe up to 6 months, it’s up to you.
  • The packaging – Some wine clubs offer more customization when it comes to packaging. However, for the most part, their delivery boxes will do.
  • The wine selection – You need to take into consideration who you’ll be giving the wine subscription to. Is your father is somewhat a wine connoisseur? Or is he just now exploring the tasty world of wine? Either way, you can create a personalized gift box for them that they will be sure to enjoy.

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