• Post published:August 16, 2020
red wine sex

In the flames of love lie the throes of passion, with red wine acting as the ignition to good vibes and better times. For the uninformed, red wine is not only one of many social lubricants, but it’s easily the best alcoholic beverage on that list. Think about it for a second: you and your lover (or soon-to-be lover) drink after a hard day, you’re getting ready to unwind and the mood is set. If you’re drinking red wine, you should feel as though you have higher testosterone levels and less sexual mishaps (which makes it excellent for male sexual desires). The study also found that women who drank red wine benefited greatly, as it increased blood flow to their erogenous zones. Hey, we at Wine Club Reviews love the taste of wine, so it is beneficial to your sexual health is a great bonus!

Quick Tips For a Better Time

First things first, remember to drink in moderation. You only need one or two glasses to reap in the maximum benefits of having a glass of red (remember that drinking too much can have an inverse effect where you’re just sloppy and unsatisfying, not even mentioning how too much alcohol can inhibit judgment). Your sex life can dramatically improve, as Italian researchers have found how effective red wine is as an aphrodisiac. Red wine isn’t just a stereotype for intimacy, it’s a reality!

Wine and sex are fantastic individually, but better as a pair. You might be wondering, “why is that?” We already discussed women that who drank red wine received several benefits shown through studies, yet there is more to cover. Yes, it increases blood flow to women in important areas, but did you know it also increases their libido? Sexual arousal is a natural part of life, yet it can be enhanced by an act such as if you drank red wine beforehand. Women who drank red wine had increased levels of desire compared to those who didn’t drink.

Predictably, men also have had a higher sex drive upon drinking red wine. Red wine is a great complement to flavored meat, so it’s easy to consume without going out of your way to do so. Red wine specifically helps block an enzyme known as UGT2B17, which in layman terms means your overall sexual performance is increased upon consumption. Should you wish to analyze life through a more scientific means and see everything as numbers and chemical reactions, then it should be no surprise that, upon consumption, some chemicals do indeed react with receptors in your brain. As you may guess, it’s particularly the parts of your brain that are tied to sex that are undergoing these chemical reactions. These reactions entice you to get into your more lustful side (this in particular is useful for shy individuals). The specific chemical compound in red wine that acts as the main benefactor for sexual desire is histamine for those curious.

Wine Clubs

If you love red wine and sex, then joining a wine club is a no brainer! Wine clubs get you exclusive access to various types of affordable or premium class wines, both international and domestic! Our list here shows you some of the more specific details you may be interested in regarding red wine. All of these wine clubs make it easy for red wine drinkers to get their fix and enjoy the finer aspects of life.

If red wine increases your sexual performance, then why not try to better yourself and your partner’s satisfaction with one of the many wine club options? You can’t go wrong with a moderate amount of red wine! If international award-winning wines sound intriguing to you, then the rest of the list is sure to interest you!

Bottom Line

Men and women alike love the scent and taste of red wine, and when coupled with the aforementioned studies, make it the best type of alcohol for getting your groove on. Intimacy is a delicate manner, and everybody has a different game plan for when it comes to their sex drive.

Maybe you’re married and just plan to have a romantic dinner, in which red wine is a fantastic addition for both taste and health benefits. Maybe you’re at a bar and just buying some drinks for your friends and some people you fancy.

Whatever the situation is, red wine and its variants are easily the best alcoholic beverages for a good time.