• Post published:January 15, 2019

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A wine club service is one that provides a regular delivery of wine to its customers. Contents can vary from company to company, but your membership delivery will either contain several full-size bottles or tasting bottles that have been hand-picked by wine industry experts and generally matched to your tasting profile. Frequency of delivery can range from monthly to quarterly and anything in between. The beauty of being a wine club member is that you will have access to an incredibly diverse selection of wines that would be otherwise difficult to access on your own, from your local wine-shop.

At the Wine Club Reviews, we are big fans of wine clubs and believe that they are a wonderful service for anyone who is interested in the world of wine and enjoys tasting wines.

There are many reasons to give a wine club service a go, but the following are our top five reasons:

  1. A wine club service opens the door to the incredibly diverse world of wine. Being a wine club member will mean that you will have the opportunity to experience new and fascinating wines from wine regions from all over the world.
  2. You will be able to taste boutique wines from the USA and the world. Wine club companies have the benefit of countless connections and relationships within the wine industry that means their wine lists will often contain rare and boutique wines from all over the world. These are the types of wines that will rarely be seen in a wine shop, but rather only discovered in the back-roads of Tuscany or when traveling extensively around the Napa Valley. As a wine club member, you will enjoy a range of unusual boutique wines that have been sourced by passionate industry experts.
  3. Wine club services are surprisingly affordable. This is because wine club companies have huge buying power and often cut out the middleman and deal directly with the wineries and vineyards. This can mean substantial savings for their members. The quality and diversity of the wines that you will enjoy as a wine club member will be available to you at prices that are noticeably lower than your standard retail prices.
  4. Wine club services all have some sort of personalization process offered to their members. This can take the place of a tasting profile that is constantly updated as you provide feedback on the wines you receive as a member. The beauty of this is that it means you will receive wines that are increasingly matched to your palate which guarantees enjoyment and wines that you love.
  5. Wine club services are designed to be easy to use and very flexible for their members. Most wine club services are managed via an online account that is linked to the wine club company website and accessed with a personal login. Here you can update your details, edit your selections, stipulate red, white or mixed deliveries, skip deliveries if necessary and cancel your account whenever desired.
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