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The growth of wine club services is highlighting the fact that more people are enjoying a regular wine tasting experience. Wine club services allow you to explore the incredibly diverse range of wines from the comfort of your own dining room. At the Wine Club Review, we know that if you are using a wine club service, then one of the things you like most about it is the fact that it is so convenient. To ensure your wine club experience remains convenient and stress-free, we have rounded up our favorite wine openers that not only make opening your wine bottles a breeze, they also look good too. You will feel like a true connoisseur with these wine gadgets. Enjoy your wine tasting experience in style with our following favorite wine openers.

OXO Steel vertical lever corkscrew with removable foil cutter

This wine opener will open your wine bottles effortlessly, which will allow you to focus on the job at hand which is the actual tasting! This lever corkscrew removes the cork in seconds with only two easy motions. It works with both natural and synthetic corks and releases the cork automatically with a single pump action of the lever. It also has a removable foil cutter which is stored on the corkscrew itself for easy access and convenience. With its die-cast zinc handle, this corkscrew not only looks great but is designed for ease and comfortable use.

Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener with foil cutter

If you are after a wine bottle opener that is as much about style and design as it is about function, then this Oster cordless electric wine bottle opener offers a sophisticated option. It is electrically charged, but being cordless it can easily be taken into your entertainment areas. A single charge generally lasts for up to eight hours. It includes a foil cutter and a soft grip handle that has been designed for comfort. The opener includes the recharging base.

Wine ZIZ – Wine air pressure pump bottle opener

The Wine ZIZ wine air pressure opener provides a super convenient way of opening your wine bottles without the hassle of twisting or pulling or the risk of damaging your cork. Simply insert the needle into the cork, pump a few times and the cork is out! It is compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles and comes with a durable foil cutter.

Vintrorio professional waiters corkscrew

The Vintorio Professional Waiters offers a small and compact wine opener solution that comes with a rubber grip, beer bottle opener and foil cutter. This corkscrew is the choice of hospitality professionals, and it combines versatility with durability. With this corkscrew, you will be effortlessly uncorking wines like a professional. The Vintorio corkscrew has been designed to give even the weakest of fingers control and leverage without any complicated bulk. Its rubber coated handle provides non-slip control, and it also comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee.